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October 6, 2004

John Edwards: No paragon of truth

Since we’ve been deluged with “Cheney lied. He really DID meet w/ John Edwards before, dammit!” posts on liberal blogs all over the blogosphere, I thought I’d level the playing field a bit with some Edwards’ lies and distortions. Now, we’ve been told in so many words that once the American people find out about Cheney’s lie about not meeting Edwards prior to the debate (coupled with some other lies/distortions that are also pointed out in most of the links I’ll be using here) that it will turn people off from the Bush/Cheney ticket en masse come election time. I wonder if the lies and distortions John Edwards told last night at the debate will do the same to the Kerry/Edwards ticket? I’ll go ahead and provide the link to the debate transcript from last night and henceforth refer to any quotes contained within that link to as “EFTD” (Edwards, From The Debate). Let’s get started: .....   [Read More]