“Infiltration” by Paul Sperry

Update 7/15/05:Looks like I’m not the only one who is urging readers to buy and study this book. Michelle Malkin is now recommending “Infiltration” as well. It really is the must read book of the summer.


InfiltrationWith consideration to this week’s terror attacks in London, I wanted to recommend a book that I’ve been reading that details how radical Muslims have infiltrated our gov’t, our intelligence agencies, our public schools, our communities, etc and it’s titled, appropriately so, Infiltration.

It’s written by investigative journalist Paul Sperry and will open your eyes like no other book will when it comes to recognizing the very real dangers we face out there from radical Muslims who pose as “moderates.”

Here’s an interview Frontpage Magazine did with Sperry back in April of this year. Here’s a link to buy the book for anyone interested. For any doubters, the book is extremely well sourced and Sperry is *not* a Republican shill.

Now, more than ever, we need to make no mistakes about and not underestimate the enemy with whom we are dealing. I believe you’ll get that same sense once you read what Sperry has to say and the facts he presents in startling detail that should alarm us all.

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