MSM on Nadagate: A miserable failure

Just how many times were the words “shift in policy” or some variant of them (wrongly) used by the mainstream press in articles regarding the President’s comments today about Nadagate? Too many.

LA Times: Last year, he had said he would fire anyone who had leaked such information. Thus, his remarks today appeared to shift his standard …

NYTimes: The remarks appeared to shift the standard for dismissal ….

Washington Post: President Bush today appeared to raise the threshold …

Associated Press: Bush said in June 2004 that he would fire anyone in his administration shown to have leaked information that exposed the identity of Wilson’s wife, Valerie Plame. On Monday, however, he added the qualifier that it would have be shown that a crime was committed.

Except this isn’t a switch nor is this raising the bar. Here’s what the President said in September 2003:

“And if there is a leak out of my administration, I want to know who it is. And if the person has violated law, the person will be taken care of.”

The above is just a small sampling of how the MSM has been a total miserable failure at covering this story. The press is no longer *reporting* the news on this story, it’s just making the news up. They couldn’t be more obvious.

Tom Maguire has this issue thoroughly covered.

Also, Ed at Captain’s Quarters notes another clear example of MSM misreporting on this issue. Is there any wonder the major media continues to lose credibility on a daily basis?

Intriguing: Andrew C. McCarthy at NRO alerts us as to what the MSM hasn’t reported in their daily ‘news’ stories about Nadagate, most noteworthy being the ‘friend of the court’ brief (must have Adobe Reader installed to view) that argues no crime was committed by the reporters and news outlet(s) under investigation – nor KARL ROVE! Interesting twist, considering how the media today is doing a major Rove-is-guilty pile on.