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July 24, 2005

A big thank you from ST

I just noticed this evening that the ST blog has moved up in the blogworld a little – I’ve advanced inthe TTLB Ecosystem from an ‘Adorable Rodent’ to a ‘Marauding Marsupial .’ I realize that could change in the coming weeks, but I’m going to relish it for right now (7/25 Update: I’m back to an Adorable Little Rodent! I’ve got the same stats as I had from the night before … perhaps it was a techie booboo at TTLB? Dunno … anyway, it was nice while it lasted .....   [Read More]

About that letter…

Remember this letter regarding how ‘disgusted’ the signatories (former ‘intelligence officials) were with the Bush administration’s handling of Nadagate? It was of course, trumped up by both the liberal media and the lefty blogosphere – including David Corn, (who incidently is the guy Cliff May believes leaked [with Joe Wilson’s assistance] Valerie Plame’s ‘covert’ status to the media) among others. .....   [Read More]