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MSM pushing back against the blogosphere?

Posted by: ST on August 5, 2005 at 10:28 pm » 40 Comments

By now most of you are aware of the brewing scandal involving Air America and the allegations that they diverted money meant for inner-city kids and seniors to itself.  For a brief recap before I go on, here’s the gist of the story from the Washington Times: Did Al Franken’s liberal radio network Air America […]


Tony Snow is back

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He’s been on hiatus from writing columns for four years now, but he’s back and slams Senator Frist’s pro-federal funding for stem-cell research stance: First comes the fact that embryonic stem cell research involves what he calls the destruction of "nascent human life" — i.e., murder. He tries to twist free of this complication by […]


Blogher Conference: the recap

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Ambra Nykol attended the first annual Blogher Conference.   She has a great recap posted at her blog.   Here’s a snippet: Much of the "opening session" was spent debating the question, "Does the A-list really matter?" The A-list of course, refers to the top percentage of bloggers with the most traffic, links, press, yadda yadda, who […]


Farewell and good luck, Arthur Chrenkoff

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Just read at La Shawn’s that Arthur Chrenkoff will be leaving the blogosphere. Chrenkoff is well known for his in depth roundups of news stories that focused on the positive side of what’s happening in Iraq and Afghanistan.  In that, he was second to no one. This is my own personal "good luck" to Arthur.  Best wishes to […]


Today will be a light blogging day

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If I even get to blog at all – I’m having some major computer issues today … all kinds of error messages popping up, some toolbar I didn’t even install on my browser If you don’t see me around much today, you know why.  I’ll catch up later tonight on another computer if I can’t today. […]