The 2006 Senate Race to watch

Posted by: ST on August 14, 2005 at 3:28 pm

Photo Courtesy of Senator Clinton's WebsiteHillary v. PirroPhoto courtesy of the Pirro for Senate Website

It’s going to be a race between two tough as nails women – both with "wayward  husbands" (as the Reuters article notes).  What are your early thoughts on this race? The political animal in me is already getting geared up and eager to watch the various battles that will be taking place next year for the Senate, especially this one!

We already know who Hillary is, so here’s a look at Jeanine Pirro.

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8 Responses to “The 2006 Senate Race to watch”


  1. rob says:

    I think that Pirro is just what the doctor ordered for the NYGOP, but there is still some question on whether she can get the backing of state conservatives. New York is unique in that in order to get Republicans elected, they have to be on the liberal side on social issues.
    Pirro is a fresh face, much like Pataki was when he upset Mario Cuomo for the Governorship. As I recall, Mario was being touted for president much in the same way the hillary is now, and he lost not only the election, but his way to the White House as well. Pirro could do the very same thing to Hillary. (Plus, she’s much better looking than hillary too!)

  2. Hi Rob – from what I understand of Pirro, I think she could get the backing of the NYGOP because she does sound like a liberal Republican on social issues … but it seems I recall reading somewhere that she’s strong on fiscal responsibility, which we need more of in DC :)

    I’m so glad it’s going to be a woman likely running against Hillary. Lazio ran a terrible campaign and not only that, but that moment when he ‘invaded her space’ only went to show (to some) that he was trying to ‘intimidate a woman’ (as some people were saying). They won’t be able to say that with another woman running against her. I predict this will be a very spirited race :)

  3. K says:

    Being liked is far more important than generally realized in politics.

    Hillary doesn’t need to win, she must only avoid losing. If she appears agreeable she will be OK. But high office, age, and general disposition tend to make people condescending, arrogant, unfocused, and rigid. Hillary must avoid this in live TV debate, the media will cover it up anywhere else.

    Think about who won recent presidential elections: Kerry-Bush, Gore-Bush, Clinton-Dole, Clinton-Bush, Bush-Dek(sp), Reagan-Mondale, Reagan-Carter, Carter-Ford; Nixon-Mondale. The winner usually had spent the least time in the Senate and seemed at least somewhat an agreeable bloke.

    Senators seem prone to become the horrible presidential candidates. Perhaps because no one person in the Senate can do much of anything, most issues are analyzed to death, and there are endless little perks to pamper the ego.

  4. poverypimp says:

    poverty pimp in da house! I did some highly effective but not too scientific “poling” last night…and then I did some “polling” on the N.Y. Senate race. Now, what my boyz say is that all Pirro has to do is not mess up…’course they don’t use words like “mess”. See, erybody know Hillary and most don’t like th… her at all. Sometime name recognition can be yo’ worst enemy. My boy, lil’ Ray got locked up the other night ’cause the cashier said “Lil Ray, are gonna pay for those 40’s you stuffed down yo pants? Lil Ray tried to run…with 8 40 0z. Colt 45s in his pants…that were already hangin’ past his “Joe Boxers”…The undercover hanging out at the Quik Stop caught him before he got to the ‘tater chips. He heard “Lil Ray” and knew he had “paper” out on him.

    The word on the street is that as long as Jeanine Pirro don’t hang out wit’ Lil Ray and git caught stealin’ 40s, she has a chance bacause of Ms. Clinton’s high negatives. Both of their husbands would be more at ease hangin’ out wit’ me and the fellas, so that’s a wash. But let me tell you, Sistah, you gorgeous pile of Carolina baby back ribs covered in zesty, tangy mustard based sauce with just a hint of garlic and lemon…, ‘xcuse me, where was I? Oh yeah, Pirro-Clinton…and this is a strictly a man kind of thang and we men vote… with our brain or otherwise…Pirro is bangin’ hot and Hillary is…to be nice…not! peaceout>>

  5. K: You make some good points! Let’s just be glad that Hillary isn’t running for president – YET. My personal belief at this stage of the game is that Hillary will retain that seat … of course keep in mind my political predictions usually stink – LOL.

    po’pimp: Yeah, I think the name recognition thing with Hillary would back fire in other states but not in NY. She’s popular there and NY is a fairly liberal state so there you go. Pirro is a liberal Republican, it seems, but I don’t think she’d be liberal enough for NY – I could be wrong though.

  6. K says:

    thanks Toldjah.

    I was trying to say that the 2006 Senate campaign with Hillary v. Pirro will be more a presidental race than a mundane senate campaign. It will be visible.

    And a visible blunder is almost the only way Hillary can lose. If she gets past the one-on-one debates without looking old, snotty, weak, or flustered the actual issues won’t count.

    Correction: Nixon beat Humphery then McGovern (not Mondale). But Dick showed us a lot about being popular.

    Nixon was the ultimate outsider, generally seen as hard to like. He spent 63-68 carefully rebuilding his image to avoid personality and project insight and calmness.

    It worked, just barely. Hubert had the burden of an unpopular war, the riotous 1968 Democrats, and the RFK shooting. Even so, Nixon was so obviously not your buddy that he only squeaked in.
    McGovern beat himself.

  7. SCSIwuzzy says:

    IMO, I think Pirro just needs to keep appealing to the NY light-conservatives, and respond quickly to any smear attempts. That means keeping her pro-choice planks visible and obvious, making sure NY sees her as pro-defense and pro-first responders. If she does this, it is almost certain, again IMO, that Hillary will have to run to the left, to set herself apart and energize her base. If she runs left to appeal to the NARAL nuts (after the CNN ad, they deserve that name until they prove they’ve come down from LEO) and Moveon zombies, it will hurt her big time in any attempt to run for the Whitehouse in 08. Of course, if she runs to the right or as a moderate, she runs a huge risk of losing her seat and being known as a Senatorial one hit wonder, AND she’ll have torqued off the extreme Dean element of the party (for not being pure and losing on top of it).
    Unless Pirro does something really stupid, I think the right wins even if she loses.

  8. K: Without a doubt, this race is going to be the big race to watch in ’06. I tend to agree with you that unless Hillary flubs big time, it’s likely she’ll go on to win. I don’t want her to, though, and hope Pirro gives her a run for her money :)

    SCSI: Interesting perspective! Although I’m not sure how much further left Hillary can run ;) Just kidding – I know she’s laying the groundwork for establishing her newfound conservative ‘credentials.’ Scary thought.

    BTW, I’m getting ready to start another post on this thanks to a column from the NY Daily News.