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August 25, 2005

Media hypocrisy watch

Seth at Say Anything notes the media’s hypocrisy (yes, I know using the word "media" and "hypocrisy" in the same sentence is a bit redundant but anyway …) regarding their round-the-clock coverage of Pat Robertson’s advocation for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s assassination (Pat has apologized, BTW) versus their scant coverage of Clinton senior advisor George Stephanopoulos, who wrote a piece for Newsweek back in 1997 that had the headline: Why We Should Kill Saddam......   [Read More]

Comments Part 2

As noted a couple of days ago, I disabled my Spam Karma 2 as there were still some posts getting through that SK2 wasn’t blocking but should have been and in addition to that, I had a couple of other issues with SK2.  So I started using Word Press’ blacklist and moderation features which seems to be working well......   [Read More]