Now this man musta been REALLY hungry


Police will request that the state evaluate the driving ability of an elderly man who crashed through the front entrance of the downtown Burger King on Friday.

The man, Rouland Steppert, 78, of Wausau said he mistakenly placed his foot on the accelerator of his Lincoln Town Car on Friday morning, causing the car to lurch into the glass entryway of the restaurant at 300 N. Sixth St., Patrol Inspector Bryan Hilts said.

The man backed the car from the damaged entryway, exited the vehicle and went inside to order breakfast.

Shocked Burger King employees served the man, and police arrived to find him eating at one of the restaurant’s tables. General Manager Kathy Fasse declined to say what the man – a regular customer of the restaurant – ordered for breakfast.

Hat tip: Ace

ST NBA Fantasy league team picks

Ok, here they are (not in order of selection):

PG B. Gordon (Chi – G) – – – – – – –
SG C. Mobley (LAC – SG) – – – – – – –
SF K. Garnett (Min – F) – – – – – – –
PF P. Gasol (Mem – PF) – – – – – – –
C B. Miller (Sac – C) – – – – – – –
Util Z. Randolph (Por – PF) – – – – – – –
Util A. Miller (Den – PG) – – – – – – –
BN R. LaFrentz (Bos – FC) – – – – – – –
BN J. Childress (Atl – GF)

Whadda ya think?

I got lucky again this year with having the second slot in the draft – and the number one slot was autodrafting. Last year I picked second as well with the person in the number one spot autodrafting. The first year I played I drafted first, so I’ve been fortunate all three years in the drafts. I took a chance on a couple of players (like Randolph) but when the pickings start getting slim, you have to do what you have to do. Anyone else here in a fantasy league (NBA or otherwise)?

Sunday blogging

Tonight is the ‘draft’ for the NBA Fantasy Basketball league I’m in (my third year). I’ve got to give myself a crash course in learning about which players I need to pick so I’ll be spending a bit of my afternoon reading the ESPN fantasy section and some other sports sites basketball fantasy sections as well. I’ve also got to get caught up on some housework. So blogging may be light. I see I’ve got a number of comments to respond to, and I promise to get to those as soon as I can.

In the meantime, Go Panthers!

The weather here is beautiful today – hope everyone else is having a beautiful Sunday as well.

BTW, a huge congrats to Iraq – looks like the election went well yesterday without any major problems (contrary to what you might read in the MSM).