Mandatory evacuations issued for parts of FL Gulf coast

Via FoxNews:

KEY WEST, Fla. — Evacuations were ordered for parts of the Florida mainland Friday in anticipation of the slow-but-ferocious Hurricane Wilma, which was already battering Cancun and Cozumel in Mexico.

Emergency officials also told residents of the Florida Keys to begin leaving.

The mandatory mainland order, effective at noon Friday, covered part of the Gulf Coast town of Naples and the nearby snowbird enclave of Marco Island.

My best friend lives in Naples. I’ve not been in contact with her since this mandatory evacuation was issued, but I know she had a gameplan for when to leave and where to stay. Looks like those plans have just been bumped up a couple of days.

Michael Yon on Pundit Review Radio – Sunday

This was originally posted in the comments section here by Kevin at Pundit Review but I’m giving it its own post in case anyone missed the comment:

With so much happening in Iraq, from the trial of Saddam to the voting on the Constitution, we are happy to announce that Michael Yon will be back on the Pundit Review Radio this Sunday evening.

Michael will be joining us live from Iraq to give us a preview of his upcoming Weekly Standard column on last weekend’s historic voting, we’ll also get his perspective on Saddam’s trial and the overall situation on the ground

When: Sunday, October 23, 9pm EST
Where: Streaming Live at Boston’s Talk Station, WRKO
Contact: Call us toll free at 877-469-4322

About Pundit Review Radio
Pundit Review Radio is where the old media meets the new. Each week Kevin & Gregg give voice to the work of the most influential thought leaders in the new media/citizen journalist movement. This unique show brings the best of the blogs to your radio every Sunday evening at 9pm EST on AM680 WRKO, Boston’s Talk Leader.

If you get a chance, make sure to tune in.

BTW, here are his two latest dispatches:

Former NCSU visiting prof calls for extermination of white people

“The problem on the planet is white people,” says former NCSU visiting professor Dr. Kamau Kambon:

RALEIGH — A Raleigh activist and bookstore owner told a panel at Howard University Law School on Oct. 14 that the solution to many of the problems faced by black people is the extermination of “white people off the face of the planet.” Dr. Kamau Kambon, who taught Africana Studies 241 in the Spring 2005 semester at North Carolina State University, also said this needs to be done “because white people want to kill us.”

Addressing a panel on “Hurricane Katrina Media Coverage” broadcast in its entirety on C-SPAN, Kambon told the audience that white people “have retina scans, they have what they call racial profiling, DNA banks, and they’re monitoring our people to try to prevent the one person from coming up with the one idea. And the one idea is, how we are going to exterminate white people because that in my estimation is the only conclusion I have come to. We have to exterminate white people off the face of the planet to solve this problem.”

Kambon’s solution received slight applause in the room, to which he responded, “I don’t care whether you clap or not, but I’m saying to you that we need to solve this problem because they are going to kill us.”

The course Kambon taught at NCSU in the spring of 2005, Africana Studies (AFS) 241, is listed in NCSU’s Registrations and Records as “Introduction to African-American Studies II,” a three-credit-hour course described as “Second in a two semester sequence in the interdisciplinary study of sub-Saharan Africa, its arts, culture, and people, and the African-American experience.”

More pearls of wisdom from the “doctor”:

Prior to his call for genocide against white people, Kambon, who owns Blacknificant Books in Raleigh, told the panel that “we are at war.” He said that white people had set up an “international plantation” for blacks, which made “every white person on earth a plantation master.” He said that, “You’re either supporting white people in their process of death, or you’re for African liberation.”

He stressed one point in particular. “White people want to kill us. I want you to understand that. They want to kill you” he said. “They want to kill you because that is part of their plan.”

Kambon closed his remarks by urging participants and C-SPAN viewers to “get very serious and not be diverted from coming up with a solution to the problem, and the problem on the planet is white people.”

Before teaching at NCSU, Kambon was a professor of education at St. Augustine’s College in Raleigh, a historically black institution. He was given a Citizen’s Award in 1999 by the Triangle’s left-wing newspaper, The Independent Weekly. Ironically, Kambon is also an opponent of the death penalty.

Jon Sanders, who wrote the above article, also has a blog post up about this at the John Locke Foundation blog.

I have little doubt that Dr. Kambon’s personal views on the genocide of white people made it into his classroom teachings at NCSU. Radicals who feel that passionate about an issue generally can’t keep it to themselves – they feel like they need to ‘educate the world’ in order to ‘get the word out.’

Between radical racists like this ‘doctor’ and more soft racists like Representative Mel Watt (D-NC 12th District) – who believes that white people won’t vote for black people – it’ s no wonder we can’t have many meaningful discussions about race relations in this state, especially considering the fact that some of the biggest racists in this state are those who like foist that criticism on the white community en masse – oftentimes without merit, without recognizing their own racist tendencies.

More from Betsy Newmark, who linked up to Mike Adams’ column about this.

More as well at Michelle Malkin’s who has some good contact info for the NCSU’s African Studies Dept and the AP (who hasn’t covered this story, as of this writing).

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DeLay booked, smiles in mugshot to send message

Via AP:

DeLay Smile May Foil Democrat Campaign Ads

Why is Tom DeLay smiling? After all, he’s been indicted. Forced out of his job as House majority leader. And called into court for fingerprinting and a mugshot like a common criminal.

Answer: A photo of DeLay grinning from ear to ear doesn’t pack quite the punch in a Democratic attack ad as one that looks more like the mugshot of, say, actor Hugh Grant.

Note the House of Representatives security pin on DeLay’s lapel.

He looks in the photo like a proud member of Congress who might just have won the lottery, not one indicted on charges of money laundering. The photo looks like it could have been taken anywhere.

And that was just the point.


For his mandatory booking Thursday, which caused him to miss voting on a gun industry bill popular in his home state, DeLay did everything he could to prevent images of the event from being committed to film.

Rather, the photo projects the confidence DeLay exhibits in all of his scuffles. For anyone who didn’t get it, DeLay’s lawyer, Dick DeGuerin, articulated the message it was intended to send.

“If you saw Congressman DeLay’s mugshot, he was smiling,” DeGuerin told reporters. “He’s eager and he’s ready to go.”