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Is the Philadelphia Inquirer ignoring the Able Danger story?

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ST reader Dana R. Pico has written a post at his blog that asks that very question, and offers possible reasons. A snippet: The Able Danger story is the biggest story that the American mainstream press has ignored. If true, it means that the federal government ignored the presence of Mohammed Atta (the ringleader of […]


Ebay totally rules

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I recently discovered a new perfume I really like – ok, well it’s not a new perfume, but it IS new to me. It’s Dolce and Gabbana Red. About two weeks ago I was standing in line behind a woman in the checkout at a local grocery store and smelled the most wonderful scent – […]


Wimpy Senate soundly defeats Coburn amendment

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The short version: Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) had proposed an amendment in the Senate that would require previously approved pet projects supported by his fellow Senators be cancelled and the money from those pet projects (better known as pork) to be used instead on the Hurricane Katrina restore/rebuild effort. In a stunning display of business-as-usual […]


Saturday blogging

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Hi all! Blogging will be light for the first part of the day for me because I’ll be out with my sisters and mom in a “girls morning out” thing – I’m looking fwd to it as we haven’t done anything like that in ages. Going to have some breakfast and then do some shopping […]