Ebay totally rules

Posted by: ST on October 22, 2005 at 8:54 pm

I recently discovered a new perfume I really like – ok, well it’s not a new perfume, but it IS new to me. It’s Dolce and Gabbana Red. About two weeks ago I was standing in line behind a woman in the checkout at a local grocery store and smelled the most wonderful scent – I asked her what it was and she told me.

Unfortunately, the 3.4 oz bottle of this perfume retails for around $80.00. I will *not* pay that much for perfume, no matter how awesome it smells. Yours truly got it tonight on Ebay for a total (including shipping) of just slightly under $32.00. I’ve ordered perfumes in the past off of Ebay and made sure each time to order from someone with a positive feedback rating as well as a high seller rating and have gotten the real deal everytime – I feel confident that this time around will be no different.

Ebay rocks!

Ok, now my shopping day is officially over 😀

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    1. Steven says:


      Ah, a woman of exquisite taste. I like that. You must smell heavenly. 🙂

      I admit to being something of this way myself about, of all things, *salsa*. I’ve found the only ones worth eating (to me at least) are the items in the $3.99-$5.99 range, and Acapulco (an Mexican restaurant chain here in Southern California) has a freshly-made salsa that I could literally live on. Another smaller chain near my work in Santa Ana has a ‘Nancy Salsa’ that is also delicious with chips or on my mahi burrito. (Plus salsa=veggies, so who can argue with the nutrition value?)

      So… anyone else have any private $$$ indulgences they wish to share??

      (PS… Thank you ST for your e-mail response to me a few weeks back re my my ‘rant’. I appreciate your taking the time to share about your goals vs. what you’ve been doing/working to meet them. I know that being cynical and/or ‘playing the victim’ just wastes time and energy better spent building up the discipline to follow your dreams, and I salute you for the tenacity you’ve shown in following yours.)

      STEVEN/Lakewood, California

    2. Melissa in Texas says:

      Ebay does indeed rule!

      I absolutely abhor malls, so I do much of my shopping through Ebay or other stores online.

      My son like the “skater” shoes. I refuse to pay $70.00 for a pair of shoes he will outgrow within 7 months! I can find them for around $25.00 if I shop around.

      I just bid on a bottle of Gucci I.

      Can’t wait to get it in!

      I purchase most of my suits for work on Ebay, at of course, a fraction of the price. (Sounds like a commercial!)

      I always get compliments on my clothes. My co-workers think I spend a fortune on clothes – NOT!

      Hmmm. Any more shopping secrets out there?

    3. Steven: “So… anyone else have any private $$$ indulgences they wish to share??”

      Good question – I’d like to read some more answers here :) Thanks for letting me know about the email. I had wondered if you had rec’d it or not.

      Melissa: Enjoyed reading your shopping tips – for about a year I bid on things at Ebay (mostly a discontinued Victoria’s Secret scent [Riviera Sun] that I HAD to have and now have a huge stock of) but stopped for a while. But I’ll log on once in a while when I want a deal on something that I find too expensive to pay for in a store. On shopping tips, I had a co-worker several years back who I complimented one time about how nice she always looked (her fashion style was impeccable!). I asked her where she shopped and you know where she told me? Good Will. I kid you not. My mouth dropped open in shock. She shopped at some of the stores on the south side of town where some of the more designer/fancy clothes were donated to. She got shoes, slacks, jackets, nice silk tops … and here I thought I was doing good getting something for 25% off at the mall! LOL

    4. Melissa in Texas says:

      LOL! Resale shops and Goodwill!
      For the longest time my son would wear nothing from a resale shop. That is until I showed him the difference in buying one pair of jeans for thirty bucks as opposed to getting several shirts AND three pair of jeans with change to spare!
      I love to shop the resale places. My daughter and mother will come to visit – we hit as many as we can!

    5. Baklava says:

      MIT, We have something in common!

      I can’t pay retail prices for clothing. I’ve honestly gotten a perfectly good nothing wrong with it nice suit for $8 and 4 sport coats for $4 each. Pants and shirts I get between $1 and $3. Nice ones with nothing wrong with them. Like I have to explain that to you Melissa. I used to think that if you’d shop at those stores it’d be apparent and you’d look like a bum. More than half of the clothes at the places I go are really nice and I wonder why the first person purchased the item to begin with. I’m reminded that people get fat quick and can’t fit into clothes that they bought or received as gifts by my friend who shops with me.

      I only hope that this doesn’t become a craze because ever since 2002, I’m hooked and I’d go crazy if it did become popular and prices went up.

      My two daughters are only 6 and 9 so I’ve been able to get them all sorts of stuff there and they don’t know it. One day when they are teenagers I’ll show them the value also.