Dems win governor races in NJ, VA

And none of Gov. Schwarzenegger’s measures passed in California (see more here).

Does this spell trouble for the GOP in ’06?

I think Glenn Reynolds gets it right:

I tend to leave that kind of analysis to people like Michael Barone, who actually know things. But it seems as if the GOP voters didn’t turn out for Republicans the way they did in 2004, and I think that can be laid at the feet of the White House and the Republican leadership.

I also think that I may have been right in suggesting that the GOP had lost its mojo with the Terri Schiavo affair. Things seem to have started to go south then, not only because of the issue itself, but because of the divisive venom that so many Schiavo partisans aimed at people who disagreed with them. I think it was very damaging to the GOP coalition, and they’ve continued to pay a price.

Catch Michael Barone’s take on the elections here.

More election news: The gay marriage ban in Texas passed. Voters in Ohio rejected election changes.

Update I: I did want to point out that I’m aware that Virginia typically goes Dem in governors races (that always happens here in NC, too) and New Jersey is, well, New Jersey. I stil agree with Glenn’s overall premise, though, especially considering what happened in California.

Update II: Dafydd ab Hugh at Big Lizards has an a roundup of results from around the country (Hat tip: Patterico)

Update III: Bryan Preston blogs about the “San Fransecession” . Wow.

CBS News fantasizes via a poll that Bush vs. Kerry would have happened yesterday. (Hat tip: DC Debate)

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