A REAL leak that won’t be investigated

From the AP via the New Hampshire Union Leader:

Ottawa — At least six airplanes linked to alleged CIA front companies have landed at Canadian airports in the last six months, records show.

Flight data obtained yesterday by The Canadian Press indicate the airports, including three in Newfoundland, have been used as stopover points for the aircraft on several occasions.

The latest information surfaced as the Bloc Quebecois called on the government to press the United States for answers about the possible presence of foreign intelligence agents.

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency has come under pressure over its apparent use of civilian aircraft to transport terrorism suspects — including Ottawa engineer Maher Arar — around the world.

More questions were triggered during the weekend with revelations a 40-seat turboprop traveled from St. John’s, Newfoundland, to New Hampshire on Friday and finally on to its home base in North Carolina.

Read the whole thing for more truly “revealing” information that should never have been revealed.

Now would someone please tell me why a non-scandal like “Plamegate” can go on for over two years with very little to show for it, yet a real leak occurs and we hear NOTHING out of the usual suspects in terms of massive calls for an investigation?

Yeah, Plamegate was really about national security, wasn’t it, Plamegate investigation-pushers?

Update: The Boston Globe has this story as well.

Hat tip: Wizbang

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