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February 15, 2006

Thursday and Friday

FYI, Thursday and Friday will be light blogging days for me as I’ll be very busy during the day. Most, if not all, of my posting will be done late in the evenings. Time permitting, I’ll check in to release any comments that are held up in moderation (newbies: please note that your comments will not immediately appear – they have to be approved by me first so do not submit your comment twice). I hope to be able to post one or two blog entries here and there during the day Thurs and Fri but it’s doubtful as I’ll be scarce. I’ll catch up on emails late Thurs and Fri evening as well......   [Read More]

Tell me about you (BUMPED UP)

(Bumped up so we can hear from those who either didn’t see this post the first time around or started visiting the ST blog afterwards. Newbies, please join in! First time commenters initally start out on moderation, so if you’ve never commented before, your post won’t immediately show up – and in some cases even after you are off moderation the post may be stuck in moderation til I get to releasing it. If you’ve already participated in this thread, but have additional comments or updates on what you last wrote here, please feel free to join in 😀 . Original posting was on 10/5/2005 – 9:21 a.m.).....   [Read More]

Media double standard on offending Muslims

The bigwigs in the media both here at home and abroad have gone out of their ways to explain to us how, out of sensitivity to Muslims, they won’t publish the offending Mohammed cartoons. Yet they don’t seem to mind offending Muslims when it comes to displaying yet more photos/video from the Abu Ghraib scandal – horrible abuses that happened two years ago that surfaced early to the middle of last year in the press. .....   [Read More]