Support Denmark! Yesterday, I blogged about Chris Hitchens’ call for people to join him today at the Danish Embassy in a show of support for the Danish people, considering all they’ve been through as a result of the Islamofascist backlash over the ‘offensive’ Mohammed cartoons.

There are mega-bunches of photos from around the blogosphere from the support rally. Here are the places you can find link roundups:

Little Green Footballs

Video from the rally, including some with Hitch speaking to the crowd can be found at Expose the Left and Vital Perspective

Gotta love it!

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9 thoughts on “Hitchensville

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  2. You seem to be against or hate everyone steve.

    You still have yet to answer, with NAMES, of people you support or are not against.

    Care to answer yet?

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  4. – Hmmmm….. the monthly check from Soros must have bounced…. Well maybe the NYTrash can plead for support from the vast majority of Americans its been systematically insulting/attacking for the past 6 years….

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