A post that may get me in trouble

… but so be it :)

I’m taking an informal poll on engagement rings. I’m looking fwd to the responses :)

For the ladies:

1. When a gent tells you he’d like for the two of you to be engaged, and wants you to select the engagement ring, about how much would you expect him to spend on it?

2. Would you be offended if he wanted to spend less on it than you expect him to?

3. Or is it the thought that counts, and it doesn’t matter the amount spent, as long as it doesn’t come out of a Cracker Jack box?

4. Would you be ok with a used ring (excluding heirlooms/antiques with a known history)?

For the gents:

1. When you talk to your g/f about becoming engaged, what do you expect to spend on the ring?

2. Would you be offended if she asked for a ring that was over, say, $3K?

3. Would knowing that she wanted you to spend over $3K for an engagement ring and would not accept anything less make you have second thoughts about her priorities in the relationship?

4. Would you be ok with buying her a used ring (excluding heirlooms/antiques with a known history)?

None of these are trick questions, I assure you :)

Edit to add: I know quite a few folks who have made it past the engagement stage and onto marriage post here, but I hope they will participate in the poll anyway and look at it as a hypothetical.

Update I: Scott Allan in the comments section makes a good point about surprising the woman with an engagement ring. That’s the way it is traditionally done, but more and more these days I’m hearing about couples who actually discuss getting engaged before getting engaged – for what it’s worth.

Update II: I should note that it’s not me getting engaged.

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