Tony Snow’s first day as WH press secretary

By all accounts, things went well – he managed to put Democrat Helen Thomas, who is prone to moonbattiness, in her place in response to her ‘question’ about the President and the Constitution.

He also talked a little bit about the his battle with cancer last year after someone from the WH press corps (which numbered around 100, double the usual 50 or so norm per the Examiner) asked him about the yellow Lance Armstrong Livestrong Foundation bracelet he was wearing.

Here’s a transcript of the today’s briefing – a link to the full video is included on that page as well.

He looks good up there. Methinks the best is yet to come :)

Wed. AM Update: The NYTimes gives Tony’s first day a favorable review (after, of course, throwing in a juicy tidbit about the various meanings of ‘tar baby’, a term Snow used yesterday), while describing former WH Press Sec. Scott McClellan “testy” – but hey, if I had to face an anti-Bush press everyday, I’d get a little testy too after a while … and I’m sure it would show ;)

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