Michael Moore claims he gets a lot of ‘hugs’ from Republicans

Right. And I’m Queen Elizabeth.

Hasn’t this guy reached his 16th minute of fame yet?


Who the right doesn’t like – on the right

John Hawkins surveyed select right-wing bloggers (including moi) over the weekend to get their list of their least favorite people on the right. The results are posted here.

Frank J. wrote this in response to the list:

I wonder if Andrew Sullivan got so little votes because most don’t think of him as on the right anymore. Does being hysterical have an ideology?


Andrew Sullivan, I should note, was one of the bloggers who inspired me to start blogging. Of course, when I started reading him was before the President started talking seriously about an amendment that would ban gay marriage. Things haven’t been quite the same since for Andrew, I’m sorry to say.

Media milks Qana building collapse for all it’s worth

Make sure to check out the news links at both Google News and Memeorandum to see how the MSM has jumped on the bombing in Qana story like it’s Israel’s version of Abu Ghraib.

Take a look at the number of articles appearing in today’s NYT alone on what happened in Qana:

As I noted yesterday, the ‘outrage’ over what happened in Qana (and there is a debate bubbling up in the air as to what exactly DID happen) is not so much about the fact that civilians were killed, but the fact that they may be dead as a result of an Israeli airstrike. What I wrote yesterday bears repeating again today:

As it’s done in Afghanistan and Iraq, the media has jumped on the “evil US/Israel attacks have killed scores of civilians!!!!” bandwagon, without examining why the civilians (in most instances) were caught in the crossfire in the first place. I suspect the reason why they don’t examine that aspect of civilian deaths because that would mean the angle that they push – which is that the west, in particular the US and Israel, are bloodthirsty empirical warmongers, while those battling them are ‘freedom fighters’ – couldn’t be credibly pushed.

Now we’ve got ‘leaders’ calling for cease-fires and whatnot in light of what happened in Qana and the ‘outrage’ that it sparked. Now, assuming for purposes of discussion that the deaths in Qana were as a result of an Israeli airstrike (and for any moonbats out there reading, I left out the word “deliberately targeted’ for a reason) this would take us back to the debate John Podhoretz brought up last week on whether or not we can effectively fight and win modern-day wars because of concerns over civilian casualties. That debate, as does the war between Israel and Hezbollah, rages on.

The media, I should note, are just one more in a cast of usualsuspects using Israel’s war against Hezbollah as an excuse to once again slam Israel.

McQ at QandO fisks Robert Fisk’s opinion on Qana. Mr. Fisk is calling the Qana tragedy a “war crime.”

Others blogging about this: Michelle Malkin, Allah, Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive, Real Ugly American, Sweetness and Light, AJ Strata


Monday open thread

Got a massive data re-entry project going on this morning – ya’ll hold the fort down til I can return to blogging, which will hopefully be sometime this afternoon.

Connecticut Senate race: WaPo endorses Lieberman, NYT endorses Lamont

No real surprises here with the way the endorsements fell, considering the NYT’s anti-war Iraq stance and the WaPo’s pro-Iraq war stances (expressed in various editorials in the past). However, the WaPo’s editorial discusses Lieberman’s other strengths, in addition to his steadfast support of the Iraq war, while the NYT focuses primarily on Lamont being the anti-Bush/anti-Iraq war candidate that Lieberman isn’t.

Here’s the WaPo’s well-reasonsed endorsement of Lieberman, and the NYT’s “we’re ok with him because he’s not Lieberman” endorsement of Lamont.

Hat tip: Greg Tinti at Outside the Beltway


Civilian deaths in Lebanon: MSM should examine Hezbollah’s part more closely

The big story coming from the Middle East today is an Israeli airstrike that killed 56 civilians in Lebanon, including 34 children. Via AP:

QANA, Lebanon – Israeli missiles hit several buildings in a southern Lebanon village as people slept Sunday, killing at least 56, most of them children, in the deadliest attack in 19 days of fighting.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert expressed “great sorrow” for the airstrikes but blamed Hezbollah guerrillas for using the area to launch rockets at Israel, and said he would not halt the army’s operation.

The Lebanese Red Cross said the airstrike in Qana, in which at least 34 children were killed, pushed the overall Lebanese death toll to more than 500. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice postponed a visit to Lebanon in a setback for diplomatic efforts to end hostilities. She was to return to the U.S. Monday morning, abruptly breaking off her diplomatic mission in the Mideast.

Before the airstrike, Olmert told Rice he needed 10-14 days to finish the offensive in Lebanon, according to a senior Israeli government official. The two said they would meet again Sunday evening.


The council was expected to discuss a French-sponsored draft resolution spelling out a series of steps meant to resolve the crisis, including an immediate halt to fighting.

LOL. A “French-sponsored draft resolution”? I’m sure that’ll have some teeth in it. Not.

Israeli said it targeted Qana because it was a base for hundreds of rockets launched at Israeli, including 40 that injured five Israelis on Sunday. Israel said it had warned civilians several days before to leave the village.

“One must understand the Hezbollah is using their own civilian population as human shields,” said Israeli Foreign Ministry official Gideon Meir. “The Israeli defense forces dropped leaflets and warned the civilian population to leave the place because the Hezbollah turned it into a war zone.”

Mr. Meir is correct, but you wouldn’t know it by reading the AP headline on this story. It implies that Israel is targeting Lebanese civilians deliberately (sound familiar?).

First, as in all wars, it’s unfortunate but civilians do get hurt and killed. Secondly, and more importanly as it relates to this war, Hezbollah (as Mr. Meir and PM Olmert correctly asserted) is using civilian areas to launch their attacks and hide. Australia’s Sunday Herald Sun can now back up this claim for the world to see:

THIS is the picture that damns Hezbollah. It is one of several, smuggled from behind Lebanon’s battle lines, showing that Hezbollah is waging war amid suburbia.

The images, obtained exclusively by the Sunday Herald Sun, show Hezbollah using high-density residential areas as launch pads for rockets and heavy-calibre weapons.

Dressed in civilian clothing so they can quickly disappear, the militants carrying automatic assault rifles and ride in on trucks mounted with cannon.

The photographs, from the Christian area of Wadi Chahrour in the east of Beirut, were taken by a visiting journalist and smuggled out by a friend.

Make sure to click on the Sunday Herald Sun link to view the pictures.

Not that anyone with a clue as to how terrorists wage war needed the confirmation that Hezbollah was doing this, but the people who consider Hezbollah as more victim than perpetrator in these attacks needed to see the pictures.

Michelle Malkin notes an email from blogger AJ Strata, who wrote this to her:

“Fox News is reporting that the Israeli IDF will be presenting video evidence that Hezbollah artillery or rocket launchers were indeed in the area of civilian casualties. Israel cannot be blamed for simply following the trail of a rocket back to its source to take it out AFTER it has been launched at Israel.”


As it’s done in Afghanistan and Iraq, the media has jumped on the “evil US/Israel attacks have killed scores of civilians!!!!” bandwagon, without examining why the civilians (in most instances) were caught in the crossfire in the first place. I suspect the reason why they don’t examine that aspect of civilian deaths because that would mean the angle that they push – which is that the west, in particular the US and Israel, are bloodthirsty empirical warmongers, while those battling them are ‘freedom fighters’ – couldn’t be credibly pushed.

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Here’s more on the latest developments between Israel and Hezbollah.

PM Update: What the hell? US: IAF to suspend activity over Lebanon for 48 hours

PM Update II: Powerline looks at the timing for when the building in Qana collapsed and in the process killed the civilians in this airstrike. More questions than answers. Ditto for Allah. Did Hezbollah blow up that building?

PM Update III: Fox has video of Hezbollah firing rockets from an area close to where the building collapsed. Hezbollah has claimed it hasn’t conducted any strikes from that area. Yeah right.


Lawsuit filed against Rumsfeld and Rice is really about Jew & US hatred, not ‘faulty’ Lebanon evacuations

This story is about a week old, but I just heard about it after watching CNN for a few minutes and listening to someone who is either a lawyer or spokesperson on behalf of the Arab group filing this suit. First, the story:

DETROIT (Reuters) – An Arab-American civil rights group filed a federal lawsuit on Monday charging the Bush administration with failing to protect the lives of thousands of U.S. citizens trapped in Lebanon by the Israeli military offensive.

That group is the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.

Here’s the kicker, though (emphasis added):

The lawsuit, which was filed by the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, seeks an emergency court order that would compel the U.S. government to stop sending weapons to Israel as long as U.S. citizens are trying to leave Lebanon.

Get that? If it weren’t for the US gov’t sending weapons to Israel, the American citizens living in or visiting Lebanon wouldn’t be in any danger. Because we know Hezbollah terrorists don’t target and hide behind civilians, do they?

The group also is asking for an injunction that would force Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to request a ceasefire and an order that U.S. officials “increase their evacuation efforts and use all resources at their disposal,” including more military transports and commercial charters.

And where’s that public outcry on the part of the ADC for Hezbollah to stop firing its weapons, too? I must have missed it.

“This is not an issue of the Israel and Lebanese conflict. We’re only addressing the issue of United States citizens’ concerns for being free from harm,” Nabih Ayad, lead lawyer for the ADC, told reporters.

Right. It’s “not an issue of the Israel and Lebanese conflict” – that’s why the ADC only chooses to slam the US for sending weaponry to Israel, and not their Arab brothers in Hezbollah for starting this war to begin with.

But the perceived slow-pace of the response and an early, now-abandoned policy that required U.S. citizens to agree to pay for the costs of their evacuation have provoked widespread anger in Detroit’s Lebanese community, the largest outside Lebanon.

Nina Chahine, 19, who with her family was among the named plaintiffs in the lawsuit, said her wedding in the southern city of Tyre was set for July 13. The wedding had to be postponed as family members fled the outbreak of the war, she said.

“We were on the road and the first bridge was bombed and we drove home and all the other bridges were bombed and there was absolutely no way for us to get home,” Chahine told reporters outside federal court in Detroit.

“We were all American citizens and there was no way that anybody helped us. No communications nothing. I was on my way to my wedding fearing death, basically.”

Um, Lebanon isn’t exactly known as a tourists paradise, lady. Why didn’t you leave or at the very least take extra precautions when the US warned potential US visitors to Lebanon (as well as US citizens already living there) a year and a half ago as to how dangerous it was to be there, and how Americans could be targeted?

This lawsuit is nothing but a sham – and it provides yet another glimpse into the gimme mentality of American citizens who should have heeded advanced warnings about the dangers posed from living in or visiting Lebanon as well as gives yet one more Arab-affiliated group the opportunity to slam the US and Israel under the thin veil of supposed neutrality, while iconveniently failing to call on their Arab brothers to stop their (large) part in this war. Don’t fall for it.

As a sidenote, I also have to give credit to the CNN anchor who interviewed the two people they had on who were pushing this lawsuit (one was a plaintiff who had signed on, the other was – as I noted before – either a lawyer or spokesman for the ADC – sorry, I didn’t catch their names). The anchor actually took a defensive posture towards what the two interviewees were saying and got quite exasperated towards the end. He looked relieved when the segment was over. So here is a rare show of props on my part towards CNN.

Here are the latest developments in the conflict in the Middle East.

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Crawford not rolling out the welcome mat for Mother Sheehan

Via AP:

CRAWFORD, Texas (AP) – Like many folks in President Bush’s adopted hometown, 83-year-old Robert Westerfield isn’t exactly rolling out the welcome mat for the town’s newest resident: war protester Cindy Sheehan.

“I wish she’d stay away. Crawford’s a Republican town, and she’s a dumb Democrat,” Westerfield, a lifelong Crawford resident, said Friday while sitting on a bench outside a gas station on Main Street.

Heh. I like that guy.

Considering the deceptive nature of the purchase (not to mention a general disdain for all things moonbat) it’s no wonder some residents are upset with the purchase. More on that deception here:

Gerry Fonseca, a Vietnam veteran who attended the protests in August and April, returned to Crawford in June to help the group look for property.

Fonseca said he doubts that any Crawford landowner would have sold to Sheehan or other protesters, so he didn’t reveal his connection. Fonseca, who lost his Slidell, La., home in Hurricane Katrina, told sellers about that part of his life and that he wanted to build.

More via a local TV station in Texas:

“I feel deceived,” said Celia Ramsey, who sold the land to Cindy Sheehan through a third party. She talked to News Channel 25 exclusively on the matter. “I would have never sold it to Sheehan. Nobody wants them here.”

Bbbbut, as Cindy explains, she had no choice but to buy the land:

“I am very sad it came to this point where we had to buy a permanent home,” said Sheehan. “I thought President Bush would have resigned by now. But I am happy about a permanent home in Crawford.”

Could this whole ‘peace movement’ possibly get any more pathetic?

Hat tip: Kim Priestap at Wizbang

More: Here’s a flashback (scroll) to other ways the hardcore hate-Bush wing of the Democratic party have tried in order to ‘get closer’ to the objects of their hatred.