It’s a bird, it’s a plane – it’s SuperDem!

DNC Chair Howie “yeaaaaaaaaaarrgggh” Dean thinks that what is happening right now in the Middle East between Israel and Hezbollah/Iran,etc wouldn’t be happening if a Democrat had been in the WH:

“If you think what’s going on in the Middle East today would be going on if the Democrats were in control, it wouldn’t, because we would have worked day after day after day to make sure we didn’t get where we are today. We would have had the moral authority that Bill Clinton had when he brought together the Northern Irish and the IRA, when he brought together the Israelis and the Palestinians.”

If only a Democrat had been elected president! Yeaaaaaaaaaagggh! Yes, because we know that since Bill Clinton “brought together the Israelis and the Palestinians” that they’ve been getting along quite swimmingly! As have the Northern Irish and the IRA, since Bubba “brought them together.”

Coming up next on your local news station: Howie Dean says that if a Democrat were in the WH, he’d have already captured OBL – if only this one had had more time.

Hat tip: LGF

Pajamas Media has the latest on the conflict in the Middle East. More here, as Allah is following the situation closely. And, as always, Memeorandum has an article roundup.


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