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Ga. runoff watch: McKinney shows support for Hezbollah and Hamas during debate with Johnson

Via the AJC (emphasis added):

The closer Cynthia McKinney and Hank Johnson get to Tuesday’s runoff, the nastier the race seems to be getting.

At a community forum Thursday night in North DeKalb, the two candidates for the Fourth Congressional District again traded barbs in their efforts to secure crucial votes.

And for one of the first times publicly, Johnson took off the gloves. After McKinney accused him of being under the thumb of Republicans because of the money he has gotten from GOP-leaning donors, he struck back.

“I can accuse her of being under the control of terrorists, but I won’t” Johnson said, because of the money that her campaign has gotten from Muslim interests.

On the current crisis in the Middle East McKinney said that the U.S. must be an “honest broker.” She said that the United States shouldn’t be giving support and arms to Israel to fight against Lebanon, and their fighters who are “throwing rocks.”

“We have to deal fairly with all countries. We have to deal with Palestinians, Israelis, Arabs, Muslims and Jews equally,” said McKinney, who called for a cease-fire. “All religious and ethnic groups have to be respected equally.”

Johnson, who has received major support from Jewish groups and donors, said that Israel has the right to exist and to protect itself.

“They are doing more than throwing stones,” Johnson said specifically of Hezbollah, which is fighting out of Lebanon. “They are hurling missiles.”

Heck, for that response alone I’d vote for Johnson. The runoff is next Tuesday.

Cynthia McKinney – Once a terrorist supporter, always a terrorist supporter. This woman has got to go.

If you’re a Georgia Democrat and would like more info on Hank Johnson, click here.


Why is former Clinton advisor Sidney Blumenthal revealing sensitive information about US/Israel national security strategies vs. certain Middle Eastern countries?

Is he acting in the role of “advisor” to terrorist groups now?

No, wait. He’s doing it because he ‘supports the troops’ and the US, no doubt.

Way to go, Blumenthal. And thumbs down to you as well, Salon, for publishing it. Then again, Salon has been known to defend terrorists and their supporters before, so their publishing of this information shouldn’t be too much of a shock.


Hat tip: ST reader PCD

Update I: Speaking of terrorist supporters

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