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  2. Hi ST how are you liking your new speedy computer so far? I’m sorry I guess that wasn’t a very intelligent question, of course you would be liking it, wouldnt we all like a faster computer.:d

  3. Former Senator, Astronaut John Glenn Hospitalized After Car Wreck

    Ordinarily, I doubt that this would be a big deal even though Glenn was cited by police for failure to yield.

    But after the MSM meltdown over Mel Gibson, Tom Delay, and Rush Limbaugh, I decided to join the fray and make my very own mountain out of a molehill. Why should the Hezbollah wing of the Democratic party have all the fun? So here it is:


    Charge Glenn and his wife with a hate crime NOW!! Appoint a special prosecutor to snoop and poke into every aspect of his life!! Publically accuse anyone who has ever voted for him – or even just though of voting for him – with crimes against humanity!! Treat him just like …. A REPUBLICAN!!!


    Now, boys and girls – wasn’t that fun?

  4. Good one Mwa – How about adding: …”Label him a racist for failing to YEILD!…Sift through 50 years of bank records to see if he every contributed a nickle to a specific church, FUNDEMENTAL EXTREMIST!…publicize a blackface picture of him, showing his predjudice for driving a specific make of car, BIGOT!…

    – Bang **==

  5. Ok – So now there isn’t enough positive PR in the left-wing press for the Hezbollah “freedom fighters”, so apparently Reuters has resorted to photoshopping, fake but accurate photo’s. Read all about it here and here. Wonder why the Liberal loving press doesn’t just put an “al” in front of their company titles.

    – Bless the fifth column, whatever would we do without them.

    – Bang **==

  6. Originally posted by Bang, moving to this open thread. –ST

    COLUMBUS, Ohio — A Central Ohio woman said she has had the same license plate on her car for more than a decade, but now the state is calling her personalized plate obscene.

    – Pat Niple, (you just can’t make stuff like this up) turned 74 years old on Tuesday. She normally ordered her license plates and renewal stickers by mail. But this year, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles returned her check, accompanied by a letter. “The letter stated that I could no longer have my license plate, which was NWTF,” she said.

    Niple’s personalized plates are NWTF, an abbreviation of Northwood Tree Farm — a business she owned with her late husband. It also means something else, officials said. Read the rest here, along with a shot of her plate.

    – All I can say is if Niple’s are allowed to sport rings, NWTF is wrong with plates?

    – Bang **==

    Comment by Big Bang Hunter @ 8/6/2006 – 3:28 am

  7. Will someone PLEASE explain this 9/11 conspiracy theory to me please? Some nutjob printed a letter in the editorial page of our local newspaper the other day, talking about Tower 7.

    They rant about “coincidences”, yet fail to realize that if what they say is true, it would involved a conspiracy involving thousands of people, including the NYFD and NYPD. What is wrong with these people? I’ve been to websites where they completely deny the video of Bin Laden talking about how and why they attacked the U.S. on 9/11.

    Are they Bush haters or are they just insane? If they believe that Tower 7 was an “inside job” then they must believe that the Twin towers coming down was also at the hands of our government. If that’s the case, why would they even bother with Tower 7?

    They point out that a person related to Bush owned the company in charge of security at the Twin Towers. Well, that person took over as CEO in 1999. So I guess Bush began his evil plan while he was still Governor of Texas. Of course, I’m not sure what security in the towers has to do with two planes slamming into them.

    What is wrong with these people???8-}

  8. NC Cop

    The thing is that these people who beleive this stuff are complete whackos, I happen to be watching the TV specifically Fox News Channel when that happened. I also listen to the nutjobs who claimed that on Michael Medveds Radio program and Michael Medved makes them all sound like fools and that is exactly what those nut jobs are are fools.

  9. Your absolutely right, Phil. It’s just scary that these people are out there.

    Forest, that was a great video!! I’m really surprised though because Penn is a raging liberal. Well, that’s not really correct, because he hates Hillary with a passion. I guess he’s not a big fan of either party. I love his narration of the video though, it was classic!!!

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