A reminder to those who have forgotten we are at war with Islamofascists

This should help you remember.

So should this.

Never. Forget.

Update/Related: The politically correct seem to have serious issues with the term “Islamofascism” – but this piece describes perfectly what the term means, and why it is the ideal term to use when discussing the groups who commit the majority of terrorist acts we see today. (Hat tip: Austin Bay)


Arrest made in JonBenet Ramsey case

Breaking news:

BOULDER, Colo. – A man suspected in the slaying of 6-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey nearly a decade ago was arrested Wednesday in Thailand, the district attorney said.

District Attorney Mary Lacey said the arrest followed several months of work. She disclosed no details about the suspect before a news conference scheduled for Thursday.

Federal officials familiar with the case, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the man was already being held in Bangkok on unrelated sex charges. CBS reported that the suspect, a 41-year-old second-grade teacher, will be brought back to the United States this weekend.

Ramsey family attorney Lin Wood said in Atlanta that he has been told that the suspect once lived in Conyers, Ga., outside of Atlanta. He would not comment on whether the Ramseys knew him, and he said he knew nothing else about the man.

JonBenet’s parents had been under suspicion for possible involvement in JonBenet’s murder. Will be interesting to see what evidence they have on the suspect they arrested today. Too bad Mrs. Ramsey isn’t around to see it.

Update: Kim Priestap at Wizbang notes in an update what she heard on Fox News about the suspect:

From Carol McKinley at Fox, the suspect’s name is John Karr. He’s in his forties, a schoolteacher, and may have lived in Conyers, Georgia. He has been in Thailand for about 2 years or so and was sending very bizarre and disturbing emails about JonBonet to Patsy for a while before she died.

Wed/Thur open thread

Blogging has been light lately because I’ve been home not feeling my best. I’m going to try and catch up on some blogging later this evening.

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Flight from London to DC diverted

Via WBZ NewsRadio 1030:

BOSTON (WBZ Newsroom) — A United Airlines flight from London to Washington D-C was diverted to Logan Airport this morning following a confrontation involving three passengers.

A woman on board Flight 923 apparently became “unruly,” prompting the pilot to request an emergency landing at Logan shortly after 10 a-m.

There are reports that the woman was claustrophobic and got into a confrontation with someone else on the flight. Massport’s Phil Orlandella tells the Associated Press that she was carrying Vaseline, a screw driver, matches and a note referencing al-Qaida.

Allah’s on top of this story, monitoring the news nets and updating frequently with what is being reported.

Another staged photo from Lebanon

Ray Robison has the details of yet another staged photo coming out of Lebanon after an Israeli strike. The photojournalist who took the photo (Lefteris Pitarakis) was recently recognized and rewarded by the Associated Press with the “$500 Beat of the Week” award for outstanding photojournalism.

The Islamofascists really have the MSM wrapped around their fingers, don’t they?

In related news on the Israel vs. Hezbollah front, the UN-approved ceasefire agreement is falling apart – Israel is saying it will disarm Hezbollah if the UN won’t. They should go ahead and prepare to do just that, because the only thing the UN seems to be able to do is talk endlessly and come up with meaningless ‘resolutions’.

The NYT reports this morning that Hezbollah is ‘gaining stature’ in the Middle East. After the UN essentially recognized them as a state, and with the UN also getting Israel to agree to a toothless ceasefire that Hezbollah had no intentions of abiding by, this is not exactly surprising news.

More: Michael van der Galien at Liberty and Justice points out that Kofi Annan said yesterday that “dismantling Hezbollah is not the direct mandate of the UN.”

Surprise surprise.

Update I: WHAT? Read what Condi Rice had to say about the idea of a UN force disarming Hezbollah:

That “political agreement” will be the responsibility of the Lebanese, Rice said in an interview with USA TODAY. In the past, the Lebanese government has been unwilling or unable to disarm Hezbollah, a movement that is now part of the government itself. A United Nations resolution on the books since September 2004 has called for all Lebanese militias to disarm.

And we’ve seen how fruitful that ‘resolution’ has been, haven’t we?

“I don’t think there is an expectation that this (U.N.) force is going to physically disarm Hezbollah,” Rice said. “I think it’s a little bit of a misreading about how you disarm a militia. You have to have a plan, first of all, for the disarmament of the militia, and then the hope is that some people lay down their arms voluntarily.”

Hmm. Maybe a new GOP slogan to keep and attract people to the party who are sick and tired of Islamofascists getting away (literally) with murder around the world could be: “Hope is on the way!”

If Hezbollah resists international demands to disarm, Rice said, “one would have to assume that there will be others who are willing to call Hezbollah what we are willing to call it, which is a terrorist organization.”

We should “assume” no such thing. Hezbollah has achieved a moral victory here, via the UN recognizing them as a state, by the UN getting Israel to back of their strikes on Hezbollah targets in Lebanon, and by the UN’s failure to enforce disarmament resolutions regarding terrorist outfits in Lebanon that they (the UN) put in place back in 2004. This emboldens Islamic extremists, who see any form of ‘backing down’ as surrender. Which is, in effect, what Israel and the US – through the UN – has done.

Hat tip: Andrew McCarthy at NRO

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