UNIFIL to have ‘teeth’?

Err … doesn’t sound quite right, does it? Well, according to the Jerusalem Post UN Sec. Gen. Kofi Annan is expected to recommend today that the UNIFIL forces that will (someday?) be deployed to Lebanon be given the go ahead to ‘open fire’ on Hezbollah if the need arises: (click here to read the rest of my post at RWN).

13 thoughts on “UNIFIL to have ‘teeth’?

  1. What that means is the piecekeepers’ (spelled like this deliberately to show my utter contempt for them) juvenile love interests will be coming home with bite marks.

  2. Please take it easy on the peacekeepers. They have a very tough job to do in hostile territory. Standing between an Arab and an Isreali is not easy.

  3. Take it easy on them? I’m supposed to pat them on the back and say, “Hey, I know its stressful where you are so we’ll just look the other way while you extort sex from starving children”
    I’ll see you in Hell first!

  4. More screwups by the hezzbots or UNIFIL will obviously tick off the Israeli’s and the Dentist has a new name and number.

  5. J Rob, I believe G Monster was being sarcastic.

    I find it funny they call them “troops”, since they are more OBSERVERS than anything else. Unless they plan to take weapons to Israeli’s instead of Hezbollah to try and keep the “peace”.

    UNFIL is a joke, a sad stupid one, but a joke non-the-less.

    LGF has a post up on “UN Peacekeepers Spring Into Action, Open Gates for Hizballah”.

    Hizbollah mourners on a funeral parade shoved aside anti-tank barriers at a United Nations base in Lebanon yesterday in a demonstration of their new political strength.

    The party had been told it would be allowed to bury three “martyrs” at the Naqoura town cemetery inside the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (Unifil) compound, but only if there was no flag-waving or political sloganising.

    When the chanting procession, several hundred strong, reached the gates, it found the way barred by cruci-form steel tank traps. Mourners argued with the French guards, but failed to gain entry.

    A mob of young men then dragged the barriers away and the UN opened the gates. “They will eat us alive,” said a middle-aged official as the throng surged in.

  6. I actually wasn’t being sarcastic. I’m sure there are some bad apples in there. The boots on the ground are young men who have to leave thier home country, and go to some war torn area, to try and help people in a country miles from thier home. You guys can hammer on me if you wish, but you know on most subjects I am with you.

  7. Unfortunately, like I posted in the above, if they are not going to do anything but help hezbollah when confronted, they are next to useless there.

    Why are they there?

    What “peace” are they keeping?
    How are they keeping the “peace”?

    If all they are doing is appeasing the terrorists, err, I mean “militants”, then all they become are hezbollah lackeys……

  8. I would accept the “bad apples” argument if the UN had vigorously sought out and prosecuted the offenders. To date, the UN has done NOTHING other than a “Now, now, play nice” memo. I really hope the “stressful situation” defense of child molestation does not gain traction. I really can’t believe anybody even suggested it.

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