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August 22, 2006

Possible conflict of interest for Judge Anna Taylor Diggs

Judge Diggs, you’ll remember, was the US District Court judge who last week ruled against the government’s NSA warrantless wiretapping of suspected terrorists. The ruling was widely hailed by the usual suspects on the far left who are still trying to pass off their visceral hatred for President Bush as ‘concern about Bush trampling on our Constitutional rights’......   [Read More]

Tweaking the blog

I’m making a few minor changes into the look of the blog – nothing major, mainly font size changes and a few other minor things here and there. I decreased the font size for blogposts a few minutes ago. I think it was too big to begin with, though, as most other blogs have font sizes much smaller than mine were. At least this way, my posts won’t look as long as they sometimes can be My eyes are getting adjusted to the font size now – hopefully it won’t be a problem for anyone else......   [Read More]