Carolina FreedomNet 2006

Posted by: ST on August 23, 2006 at 12:07 pm

Hot off the presses! Here are the details of the upcoming NC conservative blogger conference I posted about a couple of weeks ago.

Yours truly will not merely be in attendance, but will also on one of the panels. Will be my first blog conference and obviously my first panel. I’m a bit nervous, but as you see from the details page I’ll be in good company, so that should help calm the jitters a bit.

As a reminder, Scott Johnson from Powerline will be the keynote speaker. So what are you waiting for? Make your reservations now :)

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7 Responses to “Carolina FreedomNet 2006”


  1. LCVRWC says:

    Booze always takes away my jitters. Lots of booze!


  2. Lorica says:

    Booze also slows down brain responses. It wouldn’t be good to be asked a question about your blog and you start talking about why Iowa grows corn. Or start singing Christmas songs.

    Just remember there are folk here that luvs ya bunches Sweetness. We will be keeping you in our thoughts and prayers, knowing that you will be great. Wish I could be there, it would be wonderful to see you amazing the audience. “Not just beautiful, but intelligent and informed too. :) – Lorica >:d< @};-@};-@};-@};-@};-@};-

  3. ChefJeff says:

    If I still lived in North Carolina, I would be there. Any chance you could put me up at your house ST?;);)

  4. You’re very sweet, Lorica :)

    Jeff, I suppose I could, but I won’t be there so you’d be on your own when it came to food and entertainment! ;)

  5. I’ll have to miss it; because I’ll have to go to Raliegh on October 28 for the PE exam and I’ll probably be in the height of studying and drilling by then.

    It sounds like it would be fun though.

  6. Was hoping you could be there, Justin! :(

  7. Chris says:

    I’ll try to get there to cheer you on ST. But since it will be the start of a new season, I’ll have to wear my Wings jersey… ;)