At last! The Dems have an Iraq war plan

Posted by: ST on August 24, 2006 at 10:08 pm

I was about to log off to go work out when I came across the following info that I felt compelled to post about:

Desperately trying to move away from the widespread belief that the Democratic party – on the verge of being completely taken over by stark-raving Bush-hating anti-war nutroot moonbats – has become the party of cut and runners, DNC Chair Howie Dean, in a stunning display of candor, revealed tonight to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews exactly what the real Dem plan is for Iraq.

Greg Tinti has the must-read part of the transcript. Here’s a sneak peek:

MATTHEWS: How about in a year? How about in five years? How about in 10 years? Can you narrow it down?

DEAN: No. I think the big difference between the Democrats and Republicans on this one is we know we shouldn‘t be there. The Republicans insist on being there. And furthermore, if you‘re one of the 61 percent of Americans who disagrees with the president, the vice president and the president think you‘re a sympathizer with Al Qaida. This administration is looking more and more ridiculous every day.

MATTHEWS: Let me question your position: You say not right away.

What‘s to be gained by us staying in that country another six months?

DEAN: We need to withdraw carefully and thoughtfully. As you know, we‘re talking about redeploying our troops. We‘re talking about keeping a force in some country in the Middle East to maintain, to deal with the terrorism problem that the president‘s problems have created.

So I don‘t think we‘re talking about a precipitous withdrawal.

But I think that most Democrats would agree that we ought to be out of there by the ‘08 elections.

MATTHEWS: Well, what‘s to be gained by staying? I still don‘t get your point. You‘re saying we shouldn‘t get out now, so you‘re saying we should stay.

DEAN: What I‘m saying—no…

MATTHEWS: Why should we stay in Iraq? I don‘t get the point.

DEAN: No, no, Chris, I‘m not, of course, making any such—as you know very well that I‘m not arguing that we should stay in Iraq.

Howie D reveals even more later in the interview … make sure to read it all.

More: Pelosi’s on a similar wavelength – not so much on Iraq, but on the ‘strong on security’ angle. Apparently next week’s talking points have been issued early.


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14 Responses to “At last! The Dems have an Iraq war plan”


  1. Baklava says:

    Thank you Chris Matthews for doing more to pin down a Democrat than any conservative.

    The debate is wack until Democrats can start being honest about their solutions instead of just attacking and attacking.

  2. Big Bang Hunter says:

    - Democratic plan: ‘Cut and run’

    - You know what will happen if we run out of Iraq:

    - The Dembulbs will be delirious with happy, because the thing that scares the hell out of them is, on the one hand, being branded as “quiters and weak on defense/WOT”, and on the other, a strong, even partially successful WOT situation on the Rep side of the list. That came out when he said he would want “them out by ’08″. It’s the one thing they know that they can’t win against.

    - The other things that would happen is our running out would really embolden the lunitic Jihadists, all of them, and Iran would be all over Iraq like a cheap suit. The Shia are in the minority, and Iraq under Hussein was an important, very important, feather in their turbins. They’d love it if we turned tail, and they’d leap at the chance to just take over the place, even more than they are already doing.

    - Cut and run is a bankrupt idea, and really is not a plan to deal with terrorism. the Left doesn’t believe in terrorism, because it’s driving them nuts watching all that money going out for defense instead of being used for all their pet give-away programs. They’re concerned that without the usual pork barrel bait they may lose even more voters that do it just for the freebee’s. The progg’s aren’t kidding anyone.

    - On that business about Mathews family voting, he was lying through his teeth. His wife is a staunch Conservative, and tells him to can all the Liberal crappola at home.

    - Bang **==

  3. camojack says:

    YEARGH!!! What a maroon=))

  4. PCD says:


    The Shia are a MAJORITY in Iraq. The Sunnis are a minority who took advantage of the Shia, even cheating them at every turn under Saddam. The Sunnis are scared of getting what they deserve from the Shia.

    The Democraps talk about redeployment and being able to move the troops in when necessary. No one ever pins them down as to what is necessary to move the troops back into Iraq.

    The Democrats think it is hunky dory for the Islamofascists to rocket Israel with impunity.

    In fact, the Democrats believe it is OK for Islamofascists to car bomb, rocket, kidnap Americans and blackmail as a form of government.

  5. sanity says:

    Our ever favorite New Orleans Democrat equating clean up of flooding of New Orleans to the Devastation of the NYC Twin Tower terrorist attack?

    I posted on it some HERE.

    When called on why it is taking so long, he equates NYC Twin Towers terrorists attack to a pothole?

    “That’s alright. You guys in New York can’t get a hole in the ground fixed and it’s five years later. So let’s be fair.”


  6. sanity says:

    I am really beginning to believe it when they say Liberalism is a Mental Disease!!!!

  7. G Monster says:

    The Iraqi’s are slowly but surely progressing back to a normal life. The problem is Iran and Syria are funding terrorist groups to try and keep the country destabelized as they are doing in Lebanon. Someone needs to deal with the Iranians.

  8. Lorica says:

    Howie Dean is totally out of his mind. Cut and Run, Re-Deployment, call it what you will but they are going to take our troops out of there before the mission is finished. I wouldn’t trust Dem leadership as far as I could toss them. Dean, Pelosi, Clintons, Kerry, Kennedy, where is the logic to cut and run. If we don’t deal with this now, we will be back in 30 years. Don’t think so??? Look at Iran. Jimmy didn’t back the Shah, and now Iran is a threat. If that fool would of just done what was in the best interest of this country we would be much better off. And don’t give me that bull that the Shah was a ruthless dictator. Khomeni killed many people in his first few years. Especially if you were not Shia. If we don’t deal with these former Bath’ists and foreign fighters we will be back, and they will be much better equipped. How do you reconcile such lazy logic as this man continues to display???

    I still do not believe that Dems are going to win this year. The more that Howie opens his mouth the more people will think he is nuts. – Lorica

  9. Big Bang Hunter says:

    - PCD – Maybe I have it backwards (to lazy or busy to look it up), but I thought the Shia were a Minority, not in Iraq but in the overall Arab/Persian/Pakistani/Jordon/Palistine conglomerate. Iran, Syria, and the majority in Iraq, all Shia, and the reason why Hussein, a baathist – Sunni, was always at war with Iran, but I could have it all reversed. There’s so damn many sects you need a scorecard to keep it all straight. Also because at times they all fight “the common enemy, even though they hate each other

    - Bang **==

  10. Drewsmom says:

    howie dean, mentally challenged, to be sure.
    Hey, is it TRUE that spittin matthews is married to a conservative? You mean we have another caville and Mary thing going on here. I did not know that.:-@

  11. Marshall Art says:

    Speaking of Dem plans, there’s an example of one at for Aug 11, an article by Kevin Drum. Sorry, I don’t know how to link stuff. But hopefully this will get you there:


    I was sent there by a lib to prove there’s a plan. I couldn’t tell how there was anything actionable about this plan. Seems like a typically ambiguous load from the Dems. Your thoughts…

  12. Marshall Art says:

    Hmm. Didn’t work for me. Maybe I left something out. Try this: go to and scroll down to his Wed, Aug 23 thread. (“Which part of the war on terror do the Dems support?”) In the comments, a lib sends me to the link in response to my comment that the Dems have no plan.

  13. NC Cop says:

    Nice interview, Dean. Reminds me of a Benny Hill episode!!

  14. (off topic) NC – just sent ya an email, FYI …