At last! The Dems have an Iraq war plan

I was about to log off to go work out when I came across the following info that I felt compelled to post about:

Desperately trying to move away from the widespread belief that the Democratic party – on the verge of being completely taken over by stark-raving Bush-hating anti-war nutroot moonbats – has become the party of cut and runners, DNC Chair Howie Dean, in a stunning display of candor, revealed tonight to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews exactly what the real Dem plan is for Iraq.

Greg Tinti has the must-read part of the transcript. Here’s a sneak peek:

MATTHEWS: How about in a year? How about in five years? How about in 10 years? Can you narrow it down?

DEAN: No. I think the big difference between the Democrats and Republicans on this one is we know we shouldn‘t be there. The Republicans insist on being there. And furthermore, if you‘re one of the 61 percent of Americans who disagrees with the president, the vice president and the president think you‘re a sympathizer with Al Qaida. This administration is looking more and more ridiculous every day.

MATTHEWS: Let me question your position: You say not right away.

What‘s to be gained by us staying in that country another six months?

DEAN: We need to withdraw carefully and thoughtfully. As you know, we‘re talking about redeploying our troops. We‘re talking about keeping a force in some country in the Middle East to maintain, to deal with the terrorism problem that the president‘s problems have created.

So I don‘t think we‘re talking about a precipitous withdrawal.

But I think that most Democrats would agree that we ought to be out of there by the ‘08 elections.

MATTHEWS: Well, what‘s to be gained by staying? I still don‘t get your point. You‘re saying we shouldn‘t get out now, so you‘re saying we should stay.

DEAN: What I‘m saying—no…

MATTHEWS: Why should we stay in Iraq? I don‘t get the point.

DEAN: No, no, Chris, I‘m not, of course, making any such—as you know very well that I‘m not arguing that we should stay in Iraq.

Howie D reveals even more later in the interview … make sure to read it all.

More: Pelosi’s on a similar wavelength – not so much on Iraq, but on the ‘strong on security’ angle. Apparently next week’s talking points have been issued early.


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