Thursday open thread

Posted by: ST on August 24, 2006 at 10:58 am

I had originally put the Weds and Thurs open thread together, but decided to create a separate thread for Thursday since the other open thread is so far down on the page.

Here’s my contribution: The best cat commercial – EVER.

(Thanks to Cav X)

What up in your world?

BTW, if you’ve been having trouble posting comments the last couple of days, please email me and let me know. I’ve had to do a little more blacklist ‘tweaking’ and I’m afraid a few legit comments might have been caught up in it.

PM Update: Gosh, where is everyone today? Is it something I said …? :-b

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8 Responses to “Thursday open thread”


  1. What up in your world?

    My father is in the hospital with we know not what, but he might need his gall bladder sucked out.

    I’m having a difficult Weight Watchers week as I want very much to eat a large vat of pasta smothered in alfredo sauce and grated parmesan cheese.

    My desk is such a mess, I can’t work, but do you see me cleaning off the desk?

    But otherwise, it’s a good week. ;)

  2. Oh gosh, SG – sounds like your week hasn’t been so good. Got to be scary not knowing what’s wrong with your dad. I hope whatever it is ends up being very minor.

  3. Lorica says:

    I 2nd that hope SG. – Lorica

  4. forest hunter says:

    Make it a triple SG!

  5. Marshall Art says:

    I’ll add a fourth.

    You’re right ST. I’ve seen this commercial before and it had me rollin’. I’m always amazed at such true cleverness.

  6. Drewsmom says:

    I had an awful day today. I’m a sub teacher and after 3rd period I got mega dizzy and had to tell the 4th period teacher I had to sit down in her class due to extreme dizziness and sweating. I had seen the nurse to get my BP taken and it was higher than usual.
    Well she freaked and sent a kid, a high schooler to get the nurse who got the principle, the vice principle and a coach with a defib machine. God how embarassing. The students were fanning me and putting cold rags on my neck and throat and finally my soon to be x-husb came to take me home. He went out and bought me a neat blood pressure deal you strap on your wrist, its very high tech and works great.
    Going to see the Dr. tomarrow and I’m quittig smoking as of tonight. Otherwise, I’m just fine.
    Bye yall. :d

  7. Thanks, ST and everyone, for the prayers and good wishes for my dad. We found out this morning that it IS a bad gall bladder, so they’ll be taking it out today or tomorrow. There may be some infection going on in there, too. Hopefully once they get it out, he’ll feel much better!

    Drewsmom, good for you for ditching the smoking! I hope you’re feeling better soon, too. :)

  8. Feel better soon and good luck on the no smoking thing, Drewsmom.

    SG, thanks for the update – prayers all around from my house to yours for a successful surgery for your dad.