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Conyers promises a “new day” in Congress if Dems take control in November

Via the Detroit News:

WASHINGTON — If Democrats retake control of the U.S. House, black lawmakers, including Michigan’s John Conyers, will chair three of its most powerful committees, dramatically raising their collective clout and ability to shape the nation’s political agenda.

Their ascent also would apply brakes on many of President Bush’s priorities and threaten him with sweeping investigations into Iraq-related activities.

“It would be a new day,” said Conyers, a Detroit Democrat who is in line to head the House Judiciary Committee.

Yeah, I’ll say.

Another scary thought:

Two other black lawmakers are in line to take over full, and significant, committees: Charles Rangel of New York would lead the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee, and Bennie Thompson of Mississippi would chair the Homeland Security Committee.

Can you imagine John Conyers chairing the House Judiciary Committee? Rangel being over the Ways and Means Committee?

Conyers tried to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes (as did House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi) by attempting to downplay impeachment talk back in May – when he wrote that, I examined his past statements and actions on the issue of a possible Bush impeachment and found that Conyers was being, um, ‘less than truthful’ (to put it charitably).

The idea of Rangel and Conyers being in those positions should be enough to send Republicans to the polls in droves this fall, even if they’re not happy with their party in certain other areas. Although I should mention for the record that Rangel has threatened to resign if Republicans win this fall.

Either reason is a good enough reason to vote, as far as I’m concerned!

Here’s a rundown of some of Rangel’s more notable quotables:

Senator Biden and a possible new campaign slogan

Kim Priestap has an absolutely laughable video of Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) from Chris Wallace’s show on Fox News this past Sunday. I’m linking to the transcript, but make sure you watch the video Kim has posted as well. Via the transcript, with emphasis added:

WALLACE: And, finally, Senator Biden — finally, we’ve got about 30 seconds left, but I can’t let you go without some politics. As we’ve mentioned, you’re in South Carolina right now, on the campaign trial. Thirty seconds or less, what kind of a chance would a Northeastern liberal like Joe Biden stand in the South if you were running in Democratic primaries against southerners like Mark Warner and John Edwards.

BIDEN: Better than anybody else. You don’t know my state. My state was a slave state. My state is a border state. My state has the eighth-largest black population in the country. My state is anything from a Northeast liberal state.

LOL … maybe the Senator can make that his 2008 campaign primary slogan: “My state was a slave state!” ;)

Betsy Newmark is amused as well.

No DNA match for Karr – no charges will be filed

Via 9News:

KUSA – 9NEWS has confirmed from two sources that the DNA taken from John Mark Karr does not match the DNA samples taken from the crime scene in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case.

9NEWS has also confirmed from different sources that no charges will be filed against Karr in connection with the Ramsey case by the Boulder County District Attorney’s office.

Samples of Karr’s saliva and hair were taken in Boulder after his arrival on Thursday. Those samples were tested over the weekend inside the Denver Police Department’s Crime lab.

9NEWS has confirmed that Karr’s DNA is ruled out as the foreign DNA left on JonBenet Ramsey’s body when she was murdered in December 1996.

JonBenet was covered in a blanket when her body was found. Foreign hair fibers were found on that blanket and they did not match any of the Ramsey family or approximately 100 people that were tested.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they could lock him up for wasting valuable law enforcement time on his bogus as hell confession? Can we also haul the MSM up on charges stemming from them showing his frightening mug on TV and in the print/I’net media 24-7?

Update I: John Mark Karr released

Update II 10:57 PM: Via The Smoking Gun:

In a recorded July 29 phone conversation with Tracey, Karr noted that he wanted Johnny Depp to portray him in a movie to be based on a manuscript Karr had authored. During that chat, Karr also noted that he was skilled at mimicry and was especially proud of his ability “to impersonate Katherine Hepburn.”



CNN will rebroadcast its coverage of 9-11 as it happened

Tracey Kane at Wizbang Pop links to the story via the AP:

CNN will mark the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks by replaying on the Internet the cable network’s coverage of that day’s events.

Viewers can watch how events unfolded starting at 8:30 a.m., minutes before the first reports of an airplane hitting the World Trade Center. The feed will run in real time, as the network showed it five years ago, until midnight.

For the day, CNN will make its online video service, CNN Pipeline, available for free. Normally, viewers pay $2.95 a month or $24.95 a year for four separate video feeds.

Online viewers will be able to watch live reports of memorial services through one of the feeds. So that viewers won’t accidentally stumble upon graphic footage from 2001, the replay feed will be covered with a notice instructing users to click only if they want to watch.

“Our users may choose to view the stream of coverage from Sept. 11, 2001, or live coverage of memorial services at Ground Zero, or they may click through the numerous interactive elements on the site,” said David Payne, senior vice president and general manager of “They have the power to determine the best way for them to remember the anniversary.”

I remember when my friend and I got up to our hotel rooms that day in NYC, we turned CNN on and saw some horrifying images being replayed of people from the WTC jumping from the buildings. The media imposed upon itself not long after 9-11 a ban of sorts on reshowing/printing those images. Most of them still don’t, out of sensitivity concerns for the families.

In any event, kudos to CNN for doing this, especially for making their online video service free for the day. Nearly five years after our nation was attacked by Islamofascists, I think too many people have forgotten the horror of that day. Time passes, memories fade. Maybe – to a least a few of them, anyway – this will bring things sharply back into focus and serve as a somber yet angering reminder of what happened on what would have otherwise been a beautiful, sunny, just-barely-feeling-a-tinge-of-autumn-in the-air day in New York City.

Hat tip: Lorie Byrd


Maywood, California post office gets an unexpected ‘makeover’ – Mexican flag style

Links galore at Malkin’s of the incident in which some pro-illegal immigration Mexican protesting bandidos (if you will) took it upon themselves to take down the American flag hanging at the Maywood, CA post office and replace it with a Mexican flag.

Karl at Leaning Straight Up writes:

When you see reports that towns all over America are cracking down on illegal immigration, and you ask yourself what has spurred these laws, look at the picture above and ask yourself if that is a part of the reason why.

Right on, friend.