Attack on US Embassy in Syria

Posted by: ST on September 12, 2006 at 11:56 am

Sounds like the work of Islamofascists – again.

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10 Responses to “Attack on US Embassy in Syria”


  1. Al Jazeera has a good piece about it on their English Web site. They state that the men who attacked the embassy were “chanting religious slogans as they attaacked the building.” A Chinese diplomat was hurt by shrapnel and a Syrian anti-terror officer was killed.

    This is obvious result of Bushian policies at work. Yeah, right.

  2. sanity says:

    Whats withthe news saying it sounds like an “offshoot” of al queda?

    Why not just say…hey they were al queda.

  3. As no surprise, the report was noticeably absent from Iran’s news, the Islamic Republic News Agency.

    Yet America is the “great Satan.”

  4. Baklava says:

    Those darn Islamo-pacifists…..:o

  5. NC Cop says:

    Syrian anti-terrorism forces?!?!?!?! Now THAT’s a contradiction in terms.

  6. sanity says:

    What these Islamofacists need to do is have stress relief.

    Maybe they needs to play this Game.

    Aww c’mon…laugh.

  7. forest hunter says:

    NC: We have the CIA. Syria has the CYA. Oh! Wait a tic. Maybe that’s an offshoot of the CIA? :o

  8. sanity says:

    Or I am sure they would really apprciate this Game. (Bush shoot out – starring President Bush and Condoleezza Rice)

  9. Marshall Art says:

    266 on first game, didn’t get past fountain on second. What fun.

  10. sanity says:

    Personally that is a photo-op for the president.

    Him with a M-16 and Condi with a Uzi.

    Invitation to the Irans Prez?