Whose fault is the E. coli outbreak?

You guessed it! It’s GWB‘s fault.

You know what? I’m having a bad hair day. It’s hot and humid outside, which makes my hair frizz up sometimes. Damn global warming! It’s Bush’s fault.

Hat tip: Kim Priestap at Wizbang.


12 thoughts on “Whose fault is the E. coli outbreak?

  1. Great, you can’t make this stuff up can you? I would wager that this moron blaming this on Bush is one of the exact same people that went nuts protesting attempts to irradiate food and other things designed to eliminate these problems, wailing about “Frankenfood!” and all the usual liberal/environmental nutcase mantras about trying to poison us, and then complains when bacteria make people sick. But of course, it’s never never their fault, everything is Bush’s fault!

    The world has no shortage of morons…l-)

  2. I’m amazed at all the stuff Bush is responsible for. I love reading their convoluted logic for why he is to blame. I’d better have a good day tomorrow or you know who I’m going to blame!

  3. I’m writing a screenplay sure to to win lots of awards.
    It’s called “The Wrath of Bush”. We already have an actor and catchphrase picked out!

    This is no small-time movie, bashing Bush for causing all death that occurs by ‘natural causes’ or anything. It will prove that Bush causes old age.

    The facts and statistics are shoddy, but a Nobel Movie Prize is predicted anyway. Or at least some award from the canned film festival.

  4. God, this constant bashing and blaming is making my head ache :(( , why can’t these loons just SHUT THE HELL UP.
    Good grief, it was traced to an ORGANIC farm, the ones the loons push for, but its Bushs’ fault.

  5. I love this stuff. We just have to laugh at these idiots and remember the more they talk the larger our majority in November. – Lorica

  6. Sister Toldjah

    Now Sister Toldjah, that would be interesting to see your photo with your hair all frizzed up.

    I agree with Baklava, Sister Toldjah where is that bad hair day picture.:d:d

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  8. During the 8 years Clinton was President, I had lovely long natural brown hair that would get the attention of those nutty lefty broads on the upper West side, and lower East side of Manhattan. Since Bush stole the elections, my hair has turned gray, and Rosie O’Donnell went lezzie. Go figure!

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