Majority of Democrats want Bush to fail

Craig Charney, former pollster for Bill Clinton, writes in today’s NYPost (emphasis added):

A recent Fox News poll gets at the disturbing truth: A majority of Democrats say they want to see the president fail. Such deep hatred is bad news for the country at a time when America needs to bridge the partisan divide. It’s also bad news for the Democrats, who risk repeating the Republicans’ mistakes of a decade ago, driving away the centrists they need to regain power or going too far if they do manage to win.

Fox’s question was revealing: “Regardless of how you voted in the presidential election, would you say you want President Bush to succeed or not?” Democrats said “not,” 51 percent to 40 percent – where the public at large wanted success by almost two to one. [See page 4 of this document for the poll in question.–ST]

In other words, the rage extends way beyond the lip-pierced Deaniacs, aging hippies and other fringes of the Democratic Party. Lots of otherwise sensible people – suburban moms, hospital orderlies, schoolteachers, big-hatted church ladies – detest George W. Bush.

When these Democrats say they want Bush to fail, might this mean that they simply reject what they see as his far-right religious and corporate agenda? If so, it’s hard to see why independents – hardly right-wing zealots – hope he succeeds by 63 percent to 34 percent. Sadly, much of the Democratic Party wants to see this president crash and burn.

In fact, the fury against to Bush has reached unprecedented levels, even compared to the animosity among Republicans to his predecessor. Not long ago, a Washington Post-ABC News poll found that “strong disapproval” of Bush was 10 points higher than that recorded for Bill Clinton at any point during his presidency, including his impeachment. (That wasn’t during a war, either.)

Betsy Newmark nails it:

Remember, for better or for worse, George W. Bush will be our president for more than two years. Hoping that he’ll fail is really hoping that America will fail. These people detest Bush so much that they don’t mind America getting a setback across the globe if it will weaken Bush.

Yep, that’s a point I made in this post and this one as well. I wrote in the latter post:

All of this [deliberate distortion of the facts] is done in an effort by the Nutrootians to put pressure on Congress to get Bush to pull out of Iraq, because in their minds a defeat for Bush in Iraq is a defeat for – well, Bush. While that would be true, what they ignore is that a defeat for Bush in Iraq would not only be a defeat for him, but a defeat for America in the war on terrorism as well – but the ends justifies the means to the far left, so distorting (lying, really) the facts is not a big deal to them, even if it comes at the price of the United States losing face in Iraq. Priority one is getting Bush to admit to “failure” in Iraq and following that a shameful pullout of our forces there. That would be a feather in the caps of the hate-Bush cultists in the Democratic party who see nothing wrong sacrificing our national security at the altar of partisan politics, even as the enemy still fights for the control and submission of the west (more on that here).

Think about that for a minute. Losing in Iraq would = failure for President Bush – and for America. But as the poll Charney referenced indicates, that dosen’t matter to those who hate Bush right now apparently more than they love their country. It’s a very disturbing throught.

What’s happening is that you’ve got the same people who have, for the last five years, accused Republicans of ‘putting party over country’ because conservatives have steadfastly supported the President’s efforts on the war on terror, in essence being the pot calling the kettle black. They have, quite simply, put their party ahead of their country, and they’ve been doing it ever since the President “stole” the 2000 elections. They’ve never, ever gotten over that. That’s why you saw so many prominent Democrats echo the theme that Lieberman was “subverting the Democratic process” by running as an Independent: those Democrats wanted to stir up old fears of ‘another stolen election!!!!’ It’s why you see some Democrats engaging in sleazy campaign tactics in an effort to try and win over voters.

If you’re a Republican, next time you come across a Democrat who accuses you of putting party before country, please make use of this poll. 51% of Democrats want the President to fail. 9% “don’t know”, which is almost as bad as saying “yes, I do want him to fail.” Who would even consider such a thing? The left, that’s who – and not just the far left, anymore.


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