Majority of Democrats want Bush to fail

Posted by: ST on September 24, 2006 at 6:36 pm

Craig Charney, former pollster for Bill Clinton, writes in today’s NYPost (emphasis added):

A recent Fox News poll gets at the disturbing truth: A majority of Democrats say they want to see the president fail. Such deep hatred is bad news for the country at a time when America needs to bridge the partisan divide. It’s also bad news for the Democrats, who risk repeating the Republicans’ mistakes of a decade ago, driving away the centrists they need to regain power or going too far if they do manage to win.

Fox’s question was revealing: “Regardless of how you voted in the presidential election, would you say you want President Bush to succeed or not?” Democrats said “not,” 51 percent to 40 percent – where the public at large wanted success by almost two to one. [See page 4 of this document for the poll in question.–ST]

In other words, the rage extends way beyond the lip-pierced Deaniacs, aging hippies and other fringes of the Democratic Party. Lots of otherwise sensible people – suburban moms, hospital orderlies, schoolteachers, big-hatted church ladies – detest George W. Bush.

When these Democrats say they want Bush to fail, might this mean that they simply reject what they see as his far-right religious and corporate agenda? If so, it’s hard to see why independents – hardly right-wing zealots – hope he succeeds by 63 percent to 34 percent. Sadly, much of the Democratic Party wants to see this president crash and burn.

In fact, the fury against to Bush has reached unprecedented levels, even compared to the animosity among Republicans to his predecessor. Not long ago, a Washington Post-ABC News poll found that “strong disapproval” of Bush was 10 points higher than that recorded for Bill Clinton at any point during his presidency, including his impeachment. (That wasn’t during a war, either.)

Betsy Newmark nails it:

Remember, for better or for worse, George W. Bush will be our president for more than two years. Hoping that he’ll fail is really hoping that America will fail. These people detest Bush so much that they don’t mind America getting a setback across the globe if it will weaken Bush.

Yep, that’s a point I made in this post and this one as well. I wrote in the latter post:

All of this [deliberate distortion of the facts] is done in an effort by the Nutrootians to put pressure on Congress to get Bush to pull out of Iraq, because in their minds a defeat for Bush in Iraq is a defeat for – well, Bush. While that would be true, what they ignore is that a defeat for Bush in Iraq would not only be a defeat for him, but a defeat for America in the war on terrorism as well – but the ends justifies the means to the far left, so distorting (lying, really) the facts is not a big deal to them, even if it comes at the price of the United States losing face in Iraq. Priority one is getting Bush to admit to “failure” in Iraq and following that a shameful pullout of our forces there. That would be a feather in the caps of the hate-Bush cultists in the Democratic party who see nothing wrong sacrificing our national security at the altar of partisan politics, even as the enemy still fights for the control and submission of the west (more on that here).

Think about that for a minute. Losing in Iraq would = failure for President Bush – and for America. But as the poll Charney referenced indicates, that dosen’t matter to those who hate Bush right now apparently more than they love their country. It’s a very disturbing throught.

What’s happening is that you’ve got the same people who have, for the last five years, accused Republicans of ‘putting party over country’ because conservatives have steadfastly supported the President’s efforts on the war on terror, in essence being the pot calling the kettle black. They have, quite simply, put their party ahead of their country, and they’ve been doing it ever since the President “stole” the 2000 elections. They’ve never, ever gotten over that. That’s why you saw so many prominent Democrats echo the theme that Lieberman was “subverting the Democratic process” by running as an Independent: those Democrats wanted to stir up old fears of ‘another stolen election!!!!’ It’s why you see some Democrats engaging in sleazy campaign tactics in an effort to try and win over voters.

If you’re a Republican, next time you come across a Democrat who accuses you of putting party before country, please make use of this poll. 51% of Democrats want the President to fail. 9% “don’t know”, which is almost as bad as saying “yes, I do want him to fail.” Who would even consider such a thing? The left, that’s who – and not just the far left, anymore.


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    1. david foster says:

      I’m reminded of the cartoon that shows two guys in a rowboat, with the stern almost underwater and the bow up in the air. Guy #1 says to guy #2: “Why should I bail? MY end’s not sinking.”

    2. Severian says:

      I’ve said it before, the Leftist Democrats act like children, and whiny spoiled ones at that. An adult looks at the larger picture, and realizes that wishing and working for failure for an “enemy” (as they see Bush) makes no sense if it hurts the country. Whiny little children throwing a temper tantrum because they don’t get their way don’t care if it hurs the country or themselves too as long as they get to vent their anger and “get even” for any real or perceived slight.

      Pathetic, disgusting, Un-American, and dangerous. And, I’ll say it, un-patriotic.

    3. david foster says:

      Also reminds me of what Andre Maurois wrote about his talk with Paul Reynaud in 1940. Reynaud had just become Premier of France, and the topic was the fierce rivalry between Reynaud and Daladier.

      “Nevertheless,” (Maurois) said, “Daladier is certainly a man who loves his country.”

      “Yes,” Reynaud said, “I believe he desires the victory of France, but he desires my defeat even more.”

      Certainly, the emphasis on internal political feuds over national security (and Daladier was far from the worst offender–had a lot to do with the fall of France in 1940.

      In our case, for Pres Bush to say “they desire the victory of the United States but they desire my defeat even more” would be too kind in many cases, because some of these Left Democrats have no interest in the victory of the United States.

    4. forest hunter says:

      Barnum and Bailey have put out repeated memo’s, aimed at the functionally illiterate party of asses. Perhaps a clue bat upside the head, should one extract itself long enough to smack. George Bush will not be running in 08. He’s not running now! They should concentrate their diminutive thinking on election efforts but that would require a pair and a vision . The apparition of seeing our country fail because of their sabotage is hardly worthy to be referenced as *Progressive*.

      There are reasons and ways to be heard but acting or being in this case, an enemy of the republic ought to have special privileges. Jail, expulsion from the USA and extermination, come to mind and are more than feasible, as well as appropriate for the crimes of being traitorous and an anarchist.

      This is why the Lamoron in CT is re-running a primary he’s already qualified in. BDS appears to be fatal.

    5. NC Cop says:

      Yeah, and losing in Iraq means more dead soldiers and innocent civilians, but I guess if you want the WH back, that’s acceptable.

    6. molasky says:

      Imagine Hillary Clinton wins in 2008 on a socialist platform. Her SOTU speech advocates a litany of leftist policies, including a troop-hating/cut-and-run foreign policy and massive new taxation.

      Then you, as a republican are asked on the phone “do you want Hillary Clinton to succeed or not?”

      What would the portion of republicans be that said ‘Not’?

      A. 0% – republicans always put the country first — after all she was duly elected and they are patriots. They will stand behind her as they did her husband.

      B. 51% – her policies are destructive and most republicans want them to stop (i.e. “fail”)

      C. >51% – Hillary is evil incarnate and must be stopped at all costs

      The correct answer is C.

      Grow up people. The question was interpreted by many rational people as an “approval” question, not as some coded way of asking “do you hate America?”.

      If this is not obvious to you, we are doomed.

    7. YOU grow up. There is a big difference in wanting a socialist platform to fail and wanting a president to lose a war. Get real!

    8. forest hunter says:

      Is that straw smoke or somethin’ else on fire?

    9. Marshall Art says:

      This isn’t really news to anyone who pays attention (yo, malasky!), but it’s nice to see it documented.

    10. Baklava says:

      Molasky, what you are forgetting is the situation already presented itself and was asked about in polls during Clinton’s term. No need to setup an invalid scenario.

      I actually do not believe Hillary would setup a situation where a Humanitarian crisis would occur in Iraq also. As much as some of the Democrats talk about it they are only a few and everytime it comes up for vote they fail BIG time. It is a loser idea. It makes no common sense. It sets up a situation where all of our efforts are wasted. Doing the right thing is hard sometimes. We get it that you didn’t like the decision to go but that has come and gone. It is new decisions to be made now.

    11. Severian says:

      Obviously molasky is like most liberals, unable and unwilling to distinguish between war and domestic politics. Which is part and parcel of our problems.

    12. PCD says:

      Who said Democrats aren’t America Haters?

    13. tommy in nyc says:

      :((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:(( Mark my words the right wing is going to get trounced come election time. Youse freaking guys in all your wisdom are supporting a guy who just took our nation to war without a clue how to win without resorting to name-calling like hippie,defeatists,blah,blah,blah……………..just wait our victory is going put a big wake-up call to the clowns running the country. Personally I can’t wait.:d:d:d:d

    14. NC Cop says:

      As articulate as ever, tommy.8-|

      I find it interesting that the democrats so called “opposition” to the war, came after the insrugency started to get cranked up. You never heard a word from the democrats, most of whom voted FOR the war, while our troops were cruising through Iraq with little to no resistance. All of a sudden, as soon as things started getting tough, the democrats started trashing the war and, no big surprise, changing their stance.

      That’s who I want in office. People who turn tail and run at the first sign of adversity. That’ll send a clear message to the terrorists.

    15. tommy, do you mind addressing the issue? Re-read the post, and get back to me. NOTHING you posted addressed it.

    16. PCD says:

      ST, you will have a long wait. Tommy is putting too much faith in Democrats across the country being able to stuff the ballot boxes so that Congress is filled with Cut and Run Democrats who will surrender to the Islamofascists around the world. Iran will have the bomb under their watch and use it on Israel, if not the US.

    17. tommy in nyc says:

      The reality is Iraq is a total mess and the 43 Admin is responsible for it. ST no matter how much you try to spin what’s going on over there this fact is just simply the truth. Tell you what is going to happen though the average American voter is going to blame somebopdy for this fact and since the G.O.P. is the current party in charge of this nation they will be the ones who will wind up with the short end of the stick come November. Trust me.

    18. Baklava says:

      tommy, Let’s just for an instant accept your premise that Iraq is a “total” mess. The question is what do you do moving foward? The cut and runners fail to recognize they would be responsible for a humanitarian crisis. Are you one of those people who fail to recognize that possibility or do you recognize that might be the case?

    19. That still didn’t answer the question, tommy. Do you want President Bush to fail in Iraq? Yes or no?

    20. tommy in nyc says:

      ST here is the simple truth 43 already failed Iraq period. How,what and when we leave Iraq just will not change this fact. Period. Now I won’t BS youse folks I don’t have the answers on exactly what the best course of action going forward should be but this “staying the course” bunk is not working, it is not going to work and was never going to work from the start. Now do you honestly expect an informed individual such as myself to trust our current political leadership to conduct a military conflict against the Iranians or N Korea????????? Give me a break dudes. The bottom line is the U.S.ARMY is at war the U.S.A. is at the mall.

    21. Severian says:

      I just love it when liberals talk about the Truth. Liberals speak of truth the same way fish speak of flying.

      And when the Dems lose yet another election, that is don’t even come close to getting control of either house, just wait for the whining and wailing and gnashing of teeth that’ll result.

    22. Severian says:

      Tommy, an informed individual? ROFL! =))=))=))

      Thanks for my Monday laugh Tommy. Really brightened up my day.

    23. PCD says:

      Tommy, make a reservation at Bellevue. When you lose, you are going to need even more massive amounts of help your weed consumption is not curing.

      The Dems are the modern Neville Chamberlains with a Socialist twist. They can’t wait to demobilize, mothball, and disband the armed forces to fund their total (Failure) welfare state.

    24. Lorica says:

      Tommy Thanks for Proving Sis’ point. You are confusing your desires and your facts. Your desire is to see Iraq fall into a civil war so that Republicans will be ousted out of office only proves that you all are willing to sacrifice anything to regain power. Per General Abizaid in a recent PBS interview.

      JIM LEHRER: And now to our interview with Army General John Abizaid, commander of the Central Command, which includes all U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. I talked with him earlier today.

      General, welcome. U.N. Secretary-General Annan said the other day that, if current trends continue, Iraq could break down into a full-scale civil war. Is he right?

      GEN. JOHN ABIZAID, Top U.S. Commander in the Middle East: I think current trends today look certainly better than when I testified back in August. The situation is improving somewhat.

      Certainly, there’s a lot of sectarian violence. I believe that we’ve got the military capacity and the Iraqis have the political will to get things under control. And I think it will start moving towards stability slowly but surely.

      Seems to me that the man in charge doesn’t agree with you. How Long has Iraq been on the “Brink of Civil War”??? What 8 months….10?? You all wish Iraq was in a civil war. You could then run around and talk about failure and have some standing. But right now it has only been a dream. The fact is that Iraq is not a total mess. It is getting better, and the sooner you all get behind our troops in support we will have this thing done and over with. – Lorica

    25. tommy in nyc says:

      =))=))=))=))=))=))=))=))=))=))=)) Well if you are going to take the word of General Abizaid over reality then what the heck do you want me to say. Know what why don’t you take the family to beautiful downtown Baghdad for your next vacation after you come back well maybe is a better word tell me how it was. The silence is deafening.

    26. G Monster says:

      Like I said before in my analogy. Just because thier guy isn’t the quarterback, the dems want the team to lose. This is pretty disgusting behavior.

    27. Severian says:

      Yeah, how dare you take the word of the person who’s actually in possession of the facts. Damned conservatives anyway…l-)

    28. tommy, please answer the question.

    29. tommy in nyc says:

      No problemo ST He ALREADY failed. No matter what this admin or our military does over there it is just simply a lawless crazy place to be residing. Now just what the heck is so hard about this situation that youse on the right keep trying spin. If Iraq was going so great take the relaltives on vacation there……………. let me know how it is when you come back period. Until then well what else is there to say…. actions speak louder than words.

    30. You happy about that ‘failure’, tommy?

    31. tommy in nyc says:

      Of course not ST but facts are facts and this war was completely mishandlanded not from day 1 but from the drawing board homegirl. What is so hard to just accept this fact oh yeah I just remembered it is admitting that like your choice for commander in chief is basically not the sharpest knife in the draw and his arrogence has gotten some of my fellow veterans killed and maimed maybe that’s the reason.

    32. Severian says:

      You have a strange idea of what constitute facts tommy.

      For a conservative:

      Facts = Facts

      For a liberal:

      Facts = whatever my opinion says they are.

      Liberals speak of facts as fish speak of flying.

    33. PCD says:

      Actually, tommy, you and your fellow Chamberlains have given aid and comfort to the enemy with your constant undermining of this administration. That is a fact.

    34. Severian says:

      But whatever you do PCD, don’t question their patriotism…l-)

    35. Baklava says:

      Effects on the Brain

      Scientists have learned a great deal about how THC [POT] acts in the brain to produce its many effects. When someone smokes marijuana, THC rapidly passes from the lungs into the bloodstream, which carries the chemical to organs throughout the body, including the brain.

      In the brain, THC connects to specific sites called cannabinoid receptors on nerve cells and influences the activity of those cells. Some brain areas have many cannabinoid receptors; others have few or none. Many cannabinoid receptors are found in the parts of the brain that influence pleasure, memory, thought, concentration, sensory and time perception, and coordinated movement4.

      The short-term effects of marijuana can include problems with memory and learning; distorted perception; difficulty in thinking and problem solving; loss of coordination; and increased heart rate.

    36. Baklava says:

      It’s hard to answer a question when you have “distorted perception”, “difficulty in thinking and problem solving”, etc.

      The question is Tommy, “Do you want Bush to fail in Iraq?” The answer he has already failed is not an answer to the question posed. Critical Thinking 101 in college will teach you that.

    37. Baklava says:

      Would you want Iraq to improve, stay the same or worsen?

    38. NC Cop says:

      Here you go tommy, this is for you:

      Dude where’s my civil war?

      Now I’m sure that this guy who was actually on the ground in Iraq does’nt know nearly as much as you or Richard Belzer because you both, no doubt, read alot of newspapers.

      Secondly, I spent 14 months in Iraq at a base just outside of Baghdad. I was a contractor hired to help retrain Iraqi police. I worked alongside U.S. soldiers as we attempted to get the local police back on their feet. What the media is reporting is only one side of what is going on over there. They do not report on the schools being built, the Iraqi soldiers and police being trained, not to mention the Iraqi police officers who died in the line of duty wrestling with suicide bombers so that innocent civilians would not be saved.

      YOU say that we need to go over to Baghdad? I’ve been there, so my question to you is, when are YOU going over there?!?!? Do you know what it’s really like? NO! You have never set foot in the country, so don’t come here with you memorized Daily Kos talking points trying to pretend that you or anybody like you knows what it’s like over there, YOU DON’T!!

      I am proud of what I did and what our country is doing over there. We cannot fail there, understand? CANNOT! A failure in Iraq would be a huge victory for the terrorists and more 9/11’s would surely follow.

    39. NC Cop says:

      I meant to say “innocent civilians WOULD be saved”.

      Damn, I’m angry…

    40. Severian says:

      Bravo NC Cop, and thanks, once again, for your efforts in Iraq. Some of us here appreciate you and what you did anyway. :x

    41. Great White Rat says:

      NC Cop – well said, and let me add my thanks to Severian’s. Contractors like you don’t get even a small fraction of the recogntion and credit you deserve. ^:)^

    42. Baklava says:

      Mega Ditto’s

    43. Tell it like it is, NC! =d>

    44. G Monster says:


      Great link to Ralph Peters story. I suggest everyone here take a peak at the link.

    45. Lorica says:

      Well Said NC!!! We here are so very proud of you and our troops, and the progress that the Iraqi’s have made thru out all of this.

      Tommy what kind of idiotic logic is that?? I won’t take my family to NYC either, does that mean it is a failure??? And it is in America. I won’t go to Chicago, or LA or…. alot of places in America, does that mean they are failures??? But there are alot of places I will go in America, but I have no desire to go to but a few places in Europe and no where in Asia, are they all failures?? Pack it up boys everywhere in the world where you don’t want to visit is a failure!!!! It is foolish thinking to say someone won’t take their family to a war zone is a failure.

      I think Gen. Abizaid has a better grasp on what is going on in this war and on reality, than you Tommy. But thank you for the laugh. – Lorica

    46. NC Cop says:

      Thanks everyone, I appreciate that.

      I didn’t mean for it to sound like a self promotion, sorry if it did. I just got tired of tommy telling everyone here to go to Iraq if it was so safe. Nobody said it was perfectly safe, but it certainly isn’t that “total mess” that the dems want it to be.

      There are so many good Iraqi people over there and I worry about them and the American friends I left behind there every day. I worry about the kids that I played soccer with and gave toys and candy to. And then when someone like tommy comes over here laughing it up and making a joke out of it, I get a tad peeved!

    47. Baklava says:

      Sounded like you set him straight and you were one of the few who could do so with gravitas.

      And not to worry. We understand the anger. It come from someone who so callously and with so little due diligence acts like his opinion is the only opinion that is valid. He’ll call generals liars so quickly and easily… He’s literally smoked one too many doobies.

    48. benning says:

      I think the Dems are still trying to herd cats. They aren’t thinking of what will work in Iraq or Afghanistan, but what will destroy Bush. If it harms the US, so what?

      They figure the nation is big enougn and strong enough to survive a loss – much as we did following Vietnam.

      Most Republicans stood by Clinton during his intervention in Kosovo, despite the one-sided reportage on what was happening there. We wanted to see our forces successful. If that aided Clinton, so what? It was Americans in Harm’s Way, so we pulled together in favor of those forces. Not so with the Democrats and Iraq. Or Afghanistan. Neither conflict was more than a week old when the belly-aching began.

      It isn’t about whether or not the Dems have a better idea of rhte Iraq conflict, or plan for the GWOT – it’s about ‘getting’ Bush.

    49. Severian says:

      Given the choice of who to believe, tommy sitting with a big doob at his computer screen up in NYC, or NC Cop, a man who bravely took on the challenge to help the Iraqi’s stand up their police forces, has actually been in Iraq and seen what’s happening first hand, who obviously still has contacts who can keep him up on the latest, and who paid a large price (severe injury) and still has support for the mission, I know who I’ll put my trust in. And who has my deepest respect and gratitude.

      We understand why you’d be PO’d NC Cop, and you are completely justified to feel that way.

    50. tommy in nyc says:

      Well Severian I guess my military service and the service of many other war veterans means nothing to you because our views of what is going on overseas doesn’t fit into the propoganda that this Admin is shoving down the throats of the American people. I gotta admit breaking my ball about my use of cannibis is a bit amusing. Like people who live in rural communities listening to Toby Keith getting blasted over Jack Daniels makes them scholars right? C’mon man who are you BS’ing

    51. Can it, tommy. YOU YOURSELF have admitted to smoking weed. Don’t presume to know the personal activities of others who post here.

      You never did answer my question: does your belief that Iraq is a ‘failure’ please you, tommy, because it might help Dems win elections this fall?

    52. Severian says:


      Didn’t you learn anything from the example set by John Kerry tommy? Military service, by itself, no matter how honorable, can not compensate for a complete lack of character, intelligence, and judgement. I have my Honorable Discharge in the drawer, you don’t hear me using it as a prop to support idiotic positions or to attempt to shield me from criticism.

      Grow up man.

    53. Kevin says:

      What’s so sad about this is that Democrats wanting Bush to fail means that they want additional Americans to die, just to get back in power. I just can’t wrap my head around that.

      I was never a fan of Clinton, but it’s also true that I never hoped for a big death toll in Somalia or Serbia to get what I wanted – A Republican President. Wishing death for political gain is most certainly only a left wing thing.

    54. tommy in nyc says:

      ST I did answer your question yesterday. I am not happy one freaking bit that Iraq has the problems that it currently has. If because of the mishandling of the conflict results in polical gain of the Dem party while unhappy because of how they were able to achieve that goal most rational people I know will say well if the people in charge screwed up maybe they should be replaced. It’s almost like your favorite football team going 2-14 for the year and the coach gets fired would you be sorry if you were the guy who got his job? That’s how I feel honestly about the 43 Admin.

    55. So you think the cut and run Dems will be able to ‘clean up the mess’ tommy?

    56. tommy in nyc says:

      ST really is a typical Rovian republican. Except of course her propoganda ain’t going to cut with me today. Not today because unlike rich people I gotta work for a living. First thing she uses are buzz words like”cut and run” who started this current war?

    57. Is that your way of trying to avoid answering, tommy? :-w

    58. tommy in nyc says:

      Bush 43 or Saddam? Here is a hint it wasn’t the butcher of Baghdad. Second off just like youse on the right loot the treausary handing out no-bid contracts to your buddies and gives tax breaks to billionaires when it’s time to actually get the budget on budget youse turn around and call us on the left tax and spend liberals. The sad thing is folks buy into slick PR BS. Personally I can get along with almost anybody but it really,really ticks me off that instead of solutions folks on the right resort to name-calling,dirty slanderous lies and just an arrogence sometimes that is just condencending.

    59. tommy, don’t act like some moral authority when it comes to mudslinging. You’ve done a fair share of your own mudslinging, so you can jump off your soapbox now and perhaps answer my question.

    60. “Personally I can get along with almost anybody but it really,really ticks me off that instead of solutions folks on the right resort to name-calling,dirty slanderous lies and just an arrogence sometimes that is just condencending.”

      – I know what you mean tommy. It’s really tough putting up with all that. But you’ll just have to get used too it if you’re going to be a Democrat. The soft Marxist party of intolerance, race/class warfare, have raised nastiness, and lying, and personal attacks to an new art form.

      – Bang **==

    61. Severian says:

      Ah, found out to be devoid of thought and any rational response, tommy does what every good liberal does and falls back and drops the class envy/warfar and Rovian conspiracy cards. Way to go tommy, you never fail to disappoint.

      Hey tommy, what about all the no-bid contracts Clinton gave Halliburton?

      What was that about solutions tommy? When even slightly pressed, you pull a Clintonesque meltdown and start throwing around the usual liberal BS, contracts, class warfare, evil rich people yada yada yada. If you get anywhere near a point wake us up and let us know will you?


    62. tommy in nyc says:

      :((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:(( Man I got work to do so I’m going to split. Severian I already answered ST’S question and I have made very many valid pointd IMHO. The most important one being 43 started this freaking war in Iraq without a clue how to end it. And you know when the Dems win in November I’m going to get higher then the international space station:d

    63. Severian says:

      When the Dems lose in November, are you going to be on suicide watch tommy?

      Your idea of a valid point leaves much to be desired, but keep on being a legend in your own mind. I’m sure your delusions of adequacy help keep you from ending it all but they don’t really impress anyone else.

    64. NC Cop says:

      Tommy you truly are pathetic. You never answer anyone’s questions and then as soon as you are backed in a corner, you change the subject.

      You never answered MY question which was “When are you going to Iraq?” You know absolutely nothing about what is going on over there, just what you are force fed from the NY Times and CNN. Your ramblings about the economy and tax breaks are laughable. Those tax breaks are what helped spur the economy which is why our economy is so strong right now. From what I can tell, nobody on this site is a millionare basking in their riches, they work for a living too.

      Keep braggin about getting high. You are further cementing your reputation as an immature, uninformed, left wing hack, who could care less about anybody else’s opinion except their own.

      Have a great day at Burger King.

    65. Lorica says:

      Technically, the Iraq War is a resumption of hostilities due to Sadamn breaking the surrender agreement that he signed. Soooo technically Sadamn started this war, and he gave us a miserable time for the 12 years between battles in the hopes that the rest of his Islamic brothers would come to his aid, and Islam would be able to destroy the US Military on the sands of Iraq. Well Thankfully President George Walker Bush was in charge and not Al Gore, and we were able to take Sadamn out of power in a very short period of time. Now we are dealing with a completely different battle of foreign fighters, that yes we were unprepared for, but our men and women, are dealing with, despite the aid and comfort some on the left in this country continue to give to our enemies. Deluded?? Yes!!! Stupid?? Most definately!! A strategy to win in November?? Not on your life!!! There are plenty of our boys coming home who are telling their neighbors about the good things that are going on over there. After all who you going to believe, your neighbor, or some guy who is only trying to sell a newspaper. – Lorica