Posted by: ST on October 14, 2006 at 6:04 pm

Been out and about doing some shopping most of the day – will be back tomorrow to catch up on some blogging. Hope your fall day has been as beautiful as mine has!

Please consider this the weekend open thread.

BTW, I don’t have the time to monitor comments like I used to but it’s come to my attention that the “F” bomb is being thrown some in the comments. Please refrain from using that word here or it will be deleted without warning. If someone here sees the word in use, please email me as I won’t always catch it.

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  1. Ryan says:

    F-bombs eh? I dropped a few in the confines of my home today, watching yet another pitiful performance by my alma mater. The U of Minnesota should just fold up shop when it comes to football. Why I subject myself to the torture that is Gopher football is beyond me.

    It seemed like it was only 5 minutes ago when I started watching stuff on youtube.. then I realized it had been 2 hours.

  2. - They’re showing football games on YouTube now…..who knew?

    - Bang **==

  3. Ryan says:

    No, they’re not doing that.. haha.. The football disgust took place earlier in the day. The YouTube fun and games happpened later.. just illustrating how easy it is to completely forget about time when you’re browsing that.

  4. Tom TB says:

    Hey, Sis, the day here couldn’t be prettier; clear blue sky over the NYC orbit. I wonder sometimes if the weather forecasters ever get outside!

  5. Rep. Murtha Blasts GOP for Name-Calling

    Money quote:
    “Where do those chickenhawk warmongering ass****s get off calling us ‘Defeatocrats’?”

    Pot, meet kettle….evidently he’s having a tough time in his own district, with a lot of veterans showing up at his shindigs to heckle him, so he’s trotting out the “A” stuff. This old fart is like the broken pencil sharpener in the copier room, that’s been there 18 years too long, but no one remembers to toss it. No one has the heart to tell him #2 pencils are an endangered species.

    - Bang **==

  6. It’s a gorgeous fall day here, too, Sister T! Of course, part of that might be my mood — today’s a big day for me. After nine months and two weeks, I finally met my goal of losing 50 lbs. 50.4 lbs, to be exact. :)

  7. - My gawd……you had a 50.4 lb. baby SG….. and you survived!…. amazing….

    - Seriously…. mucho congrats on the new arrival….. May she have long life and happiness….

    - Bang **==

  8. Thanks, Bang! That it was like I’d given birth to a 50 lb baby was actually what I told my brother in an email this morning. *g*

    And oops, in my excitement, I got my own blog URL wrong. D’oh!

  9. Dana says:

    Sis, you are using WordPress, which I know can be set to take any particular word and direct it into the automatic moderation queue, or even the automatic kill-pile. I’m sure you know how to do it!

  10. Dana says:


    And like North Korea’s, TO’s was mostly a fizzle. :)

  11. - Hmmmmm …. See my Buckeyes are rolling right along like a freight train thru a Big ten end zone of shopping carts.

    - Bang :d

  12. Marshall Art says:

    “This old fart…”

    Bang dropped the f-bomb! Bang dropped the f-bomb! Oh…you mean…

  13. Drewsmom says:

    My day was glorious …. my team, Auburn, put a hurtin on Florida, best game I’ve seen in awhile, especially that last play …. doesn’t get better than that …. pass me another beer and WAR EAGLE. !!!:d

  14. sanity says:

    Clinton’s Legacy on Terrorism….

    I was listening to Bill Bennett’s AM talk, and Steve Malzberg was covering, talking about Bill Clinton’s legacy of terrorism.

    What is interesting is Clinton pardoned known terrorists that were caught with the bomnb materials. HE PARDONED THEM! They did not request clemency from Clinton yet he gave it anyways…WHY?!

    Malzberg also mentioned the documents Sandy Berger stole fron the National Archives was the after action report on the Clinton’s administration on handling terrorism.

    Isn’t that interesting.

    Here is what Malzberg wrote, read it and think about it….

    Washington Times

    Notwithstanding Bill Clinton’s recent purple-faced tirade on Fox News Sunday where he launched into an all out attack against anyone who would dare question his “obsession” with killing Osama bin Laden, an assault far more ferocious than any actual strike authorized by President Clinton against the terror leader, the facts point to quite an different terrorist obsession.

    Let the Clinton Terror Legacy be predicated on the record. Let the record show Bill Clinton had Yasser Arafat to the White House eight times, more than any head of state. Let the record show that Bill Clinton gave Gerry Adams of the Irish Republican Army and Sinn Fein his first visa to enter the U.S. prior to any agreement to lay down arms for good. Let the record show how many times the U.S. had bin Laden dead to rights with Mr. Clinton refusing to pull the trigger. And let the record show Mr. Clinton initiated and granted clemency to 16 FALN terrorists.

    The latter is perhaps Mr. Clinton’s most egregious act. Between 1974 and 1983, the Puerto Rican terror group, Armed Forces for National Liberation, waged a war against the United States. The FALN set off more than 130 bombs in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. The most devastating attack took place in January 1975: a lunchtime blast at New York City’s Fraunces Tavern that killed four and wounded 60 more.

    Yet in August 1999, Bill Clinton offered conditional clemency to 16 of these thugs convicted of conspiracy to commit robbery, bomb-making and sedition, as well as firearms and explosives violations. He did this against the advice of the Justice Department and the FBI. A report from Attorney General Janet Reno on the terrorist threat facing the U.S. focused on the danger from the FALN.

    “They have previously used violence in an attempt to achieve independence for Puerto Rico. … Factors which increase the present threat from these groups include… the impending release from prison of members of these groups jailed for prior violence.”

    Mr. Clinton’s argument that these particular FALN terrorists were not involved in actually killing anyone is absurd. In November 1999, Human Events quoted a federal prosecutor familiar with the case as saying the FBI busted these thugs while they were making bombs and planning to blow up military offices and rob a Chicago Transit Authority fare collector. They also planned to rob an armored car and kidnap an executive.

    Another Clinton defense is that those who accepted clemency had to sign a form denouncing terrorism and violence. So what? These were such hard-core terrorists that they never even applied for clemency themselves. They thought of it as a sign of weakness or capitulation to the “system.”

    In fact, President Clinton had denied most actual requests for clemency up until the time he let out the FALN terrorists. So why them?

    Speculation centers around the bizarre notion that his letting Puerto Rican criminals out of prison would move New York Hispanics to vote for the wife of the man who set the prisoners free. But eventually, even Hillary Clinton who ran and won the Senate seat from New York, took issue with what her husband had done.

    [Read the rest here]

    Only now are Republicans calling for an investigation.

    Sandy Berger was fined $50,000 and lost his Security Clearance for 3 years. He should have lost his clearance forever and be behind bars.

    A caller on he show made an excellent point, if Congress investigates, Berger can not claim the 5th Amendment, because he has already been tried and sentenced, so because of that he cannot incriminate himself since that would constitute double jeopardy, so he cannot claim the 5th.

    What bothers me is WHY it tooks so long to investigate this man. If a Republican, an Aide, hell if Rove walked into the National Archives stole documents related to President Bush’s handling of Terrorism, and shredded them….what do you think the Democrats would say or the Media?

    But we must remember the media aren’t biased, and the Democrats will root out corruption wherever it lies….

    Ok, I have to stop or my tongue will fall off from that last statement….

    Edited to quote only a partial part of the article, due to copyright considerations. –ST

  15. Congrats, SG! Now comes the holidays, where not “being bad” is tough, with all that good food out there!

  16. sanity says:

    Sorry ST, didn’t realize and was just sharing.

    That is also posted inthe Washington Times, and personally, I don’t think he would mind. [winks]

    I think the more people learn about it then Mr Malzberg would be happy.

    Regardless of which, I sumbit to your wisdom on this and better to be safe than sorry.

    Still, interesting

    Sorry…wife is Canadian, or was {chuckles]

  17. PCD says:


    Sorry, but someone had to get their butt whooped.

    My wife wants to move to Minnesocold. I’ll stay a Packer fan, and I’ll probably root for the Badgers and USC, too.

  18. PAMom says:

    HA! My 17 yr-old son dropped the f-bomb during gym class after being tackled out-of-bounds in a flag football game. His teacher really does not like foul language, so swearing gets you 50 push-ups – but the f-bomb gets you a hundred. He had a tough time catching the ball when he was finished. Serves him right! He should do well on that part of the fitness test when he joins the Navy ROTC when he starts college in August!

  19. - Damn Marshall, I was hoping to slip that one by ST… Now you’ve done it!. (Our sweet blogmistress did take the time to correct some of my eternal mis-spelling’s like “copyer”…she has the patience of a saint).

    - Mean time, back on the Grid iron, the Chargers did a number on the once mighty SF 49′ers team yesterday. I’m happy to say that Head Coach Marty Schottenheimer decided to return to NFL football, rather than the high school variety, after that embarrassment where he actually ran a “safety” trying to sit on a lead in the Raven game. I think that’s the first safety I’ve seen intentionally run in the NFL since the 50′s. If he would have let our rookie quarterback Rivers play the game, we could be 5 and 0, but I’ll take it anyway. Maybe it’s good he got that foolishness out of the way early, instead of pulling that elephant out of his hat later in the season in a do or die game. Even at this early stage in his development, Rivers looks a great deal like Dan Fouts and “Air Coryell” from the glory days back in the late 70′s and 80′s, except he’s actually a good athelete, big, and he can run it when he has to. I can hope. This could turn out to be a banner football year for the Banger from Ohoho. (Don’t ask who I pull for when the Chargers play the Browns, I don’t “woof”, even then.)

    - Bang **==

  20. Dana says:

    BBH wrote:

    I think that’s the first safety I’ve seen intentionally run in the NFL since the 50′s.

    I’ve seen two or three much more recently, in situations where the team that was ahead and had the ball was pinned deep in their own end, and did not want to punt with a chance of getting it blocked. Have the punter (and once, the quarterback) run around in the end zone and waste a few seconds, then run out, take the safety, and free kick from the 20.

    The one I’m still waiting to see is a team take a free kick after a fair catch for a long field goal attempt that can’t be blocked. Maybe after Doug Flutie’s drop kick of last season, anything is possible.

  21. Dana says:

    How is Terrell Owens dumber that a fish?

    A fish knows that if it keeps its mouth shut, it won’t get in trouble.

  22. Lorica says:

    I am reflecting upon the Norks “nuclear” bomb test. I am not a scientist, but couldn’t they have exploded TNT and had just some spent fuel rods mixed in the middle of the bomb package?? This is why I work in accounting. I know about nutin in the ways of science. :D – Lorica

  23. - Dana, I guess I should have been a little clearer. The Chargers, by Shottenheimer’s leadership, played the entire second half using the time honored approach of “sitting on a slim lead” per high school level football. The safety came at the end of a series of plays where they kept running the ball, play after play, backing their way down the field.

    - Even a 2nd string rookie knows what happens at the pro level when you openly hand the game momentive to the other side. It was “wuss” ball at its finest, and I pray our team owner tells him if he does it again he’s history.

    - Bang **==

  24. - BTW – I think I saw a safety in our game with SF yesterday too in the highlights, (I only got to see the last few minutes of the game because they posted Eastern standar times on the stupid team website, which they’ve since apologized to a lot of the fans for), but this came on the heels of a very good kick by the other team pinning us on the 3rd yard line or some such, and only after we had run three plays really trying to advance the ball.Tthat makes sense, particularly since we had a much larger lead. Big difference. Nothing wrong with a safety persee’, as long as it is used properly, just like a drop kick for a 70 yard field goal, if you happen to have a Jim Thorpe on your team.

    - But all of that notwithstanding, it’s a hoot to have both of my teams, OSU and the Chargers, doing well. Watching a good solid team get messed over by questionable coaching is the pits. It’s hard enough as it is.

    - Bang **==

  25. PCD says:

    I’m wondering if the Norks set off one of their nuclear devices between Madeline Dimbulb’s ears, would we be able to detect the fallout? Would she wake up?

  26. sanity says:

    Probably not PCD, but the ECHOES would be a killer..

  27. Lorica – There are secondary emmisions that can only come from a nuclear blast, as opposed to just “salting” a regular explosive with fissionable material. The so-called “dirty bomb” type device results in a totally different radiation footprint where, among other things, you don’t see high energy x-rays produced, as you do in a true nuclear test.

    But when tested underground, these types of emmisions can be very weak, and much harder to detect under normal circumstances with a substantial yield device, and this one was very small, estimated at just under 1 kiloton. That would put it in the category of the van-bomb at Oklahoma city. Thats why it took awhile for the State Dept. to make the announcement that it was a real nuclear test. They waited until they had accumulated enough test results they could be sure.

    - It was probably a fizzle of a larger planned yield. Smaller nuclear devises are much more difficult to build, and most likely beyond the NK’s early capibility at this point.

    - Bang **==

  28. - Which suggest’s a tag line for Little Kim’s nuclear tipped Rocket Ad’s – “….Missle erections lasting less than 6 seconds require immediate medical attention…”

    - Bang **==

  29. Lorica says:

    Thanks Bang. I appreciate the info. – Lorica