VIDEO: An example of the liberal media in action

Just got done watching this video clip of Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney smacking down a member of the MSM who claimed that as a member of the MSM, he was a “representative of the people.” The smackdown occured when the reporter took almost 40 seconds to ask a question that should have probably taken max 15 seconds.

As someone who has studied the media (no formal training, I should note for the record) for several years now, I’ve come to recognize when a reporter is at a press conference to ask questions as part of their jobs as news reporters and when he or she is there to badger the politician into answering a question specifically the way the reporter wants them to in order to get the desired answer and headline. It’s almost like a push poll – but this can be called “push questioning.” This happens often, for example, at the daily press briefings at the WH. A hypothetical example would be the stem cell issue. The reporter will start off by quoting officials, groups, polls, etc that say “stem cell research saves lives” and go on about it for about 30 seconds, and then ask the politician in a condescending fashion “why are you still against this in light of the fact that all these groups are for it?” It immediately puts the politician answering the question on the defensive because the question is phrased in a manner that makes the politician look evil and heartless, so the politician ends up having to come up with an answer that doesn’t make him look like the lowest form of life there is for opposing stem cell research.

In this video segment, we don’t see/hear Romney’s answer to the reporter’s lengthy question itself – but we do get to see Romney’s reaction to how long the reporter went on with the question, and Romney’s snappy comeback to what the reporter said in response to that reaction. Priceless.

NJ Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage issued

The ruling was just issued on whether or not same sex couples in NJ should be allowed to marry. Via AP:

TRENTON, N.J. – New Jersey’s highest court ruled Wednesday that gay couples are entitled to the same rights as heterosexuals, but that lawmakers must determine whether the state will honor gay marriage or some other form of civil union.


Instead, the high court stopped short of fully approving gay marriage and gave lawmakers 180 days to rewrite marriage laws to either include gay couples or create new civil unions.

I’ll be interested in reading the opinions of some of the Volokh Conspiracy lawyers/bloggers to the ruling. I’ve not had a chance to read it yet, but Dale Carpenter has a brief summary posted here (along with a link to the ruling. Update: Here’s the HTML version, for those who don’t have Adobe).

Stop The ACLU has a lengthy commentary on the ruling – check it out. I’m reserving lengthy comment for the time being until I’ve read the ruling and checked out more analysis of it. My initial reaction, though, pretty much mirrors Allah’s. He writes:

It sounds like they’ll let the legislature put whatever label they want on it — “marriage” “civil unions” etc. — but that the state’s equal protection clause requires that the incidents of marriage be made available to same-sex couples to the same degree as they are to straights.

Here’s my opinion on gay marriage, for the record.

Update: Glenn Reynolds weighs in.

Vlogcasting Excellence

Here are links to a couple of vlogcasting segments that I think you’ll enjoy:

—- Michelle Malkin interviews the one and only masterful Mark Steyn (swoonorama) over at Hot Air. This is part one of a two part series. The second part will air Friday.

—- The superfabulous Mary Katharine Ham vlogs today about moonbatty Dems getting more moonbatty right here before the election, and the call put out by the HuffPo to “take to the streets” if Dems lose next month (which I blogged about late last week).


—- I know this isn’t a vlog, but all the same I wanted to link to it because it’s a video of highlights from the President’s press conference earlier today, where he talked about our strategy in Iraq. Malkin liveblogged it and Greg Tinti has some related thoughts and will be posting video and a trancsript of the press conference later today.

Add one more to a long line of admissions on liberal media bias

The BBC admitted it last week, a former WaPo senior reporter admitted it back in September, and countless others over the years have confessed to a noticeable liberal bias in the MSM.

Here’s another admission, this time from ABC News political director Mark Halperin, who Allah reminds us was the writer of this infamous memo about a month before the 2004 election, where Halperin urged ABC reporters to be tougher on Bush than Kerry (which I blogged about in my post about an ABC News producer who exclaimed in an email that Bush made him “sick”).

This snippet from what I wrote in my BBC liberal bias post bears repeating, I think:

Liberals here at home and liberals abroad who continue to deny there is a strong liberal bias in the mainstream media in the face of all these admissions to the contrary are doing nothing more than the customary burying of their heads in the sand (I call it HISS: Head In Sand Syndrome) when faced with facts they don’t want to hear. Non-media liberals who will admit to seeing the liberal bias, who say it’s no big deal should imagine a world filled with mainstream media outlets that were predominantly conservative, uninclusive of opposing viewpoints, while showing an insensitivity to liberal concerns. Then they’d understand why conservatives feel the way they do about the mainstream media today. Not only that, but maybe, just maybe, they’d realize what a sham a political party and a media, both of which claim a ‘big tent’ type of tolerance for all kinds of views, actually is.

Corker increases lead over Ford, Jr. and other updated poll news

A few new polls were released this morning and here’s the latest, per Real Clear Politics:

—- Encouraging news in the close race for Senator Bill Frist’s seat in Tennessee: Bob Corker’s lead over Harold Ford, Jr. has increased to five points, per a new LAT/Bloomberg poll dated 10/20-10/23. Is the Ford campaign starting to implode? If this and this (more here) are indications, it is. I’m starting to get more optimistic about Corker’s chances in TN.

—-The latest SurveyUSA poll (10/21-10/23) has Missouri Senator Jim Talent maintaining his three point lead over demagogue Claire McCaskill. The Fox ad, if I recall correctly, was not run until the 22nd, so we’ve yet to see the impact – if any – it will have on the polls.

—- Ohio Senator Mike DeWine is still trailing Sherrod Brown by 8 points, according to the LAT poll I mentioned earlier – I don’t have much hope for that seat staying in DeWine’s hands. DeWine has polled poorly pretty much throughout this race.

—- In Virginia, Jim Webb has reclaimed the lead over Senator George Allen by 3 points, per the LAT poll. In spite of the “macaca” incident, Allen had been polling ahead of Webb. This is the first poll in weeks that has had Webb ahead. A sign of things to come? Let’s hope not.

—- NJ Senator Bob Menendez is polling (per the LAT) 4 points ahead of Tom Kean, Jr. only a one point increase from the poll before that.


Other links of interest:

—- Michael Barone shares his thoughts on what he thinks the results of the election will be.

—- (Update I – 10:33 AM) La Shawn Barber has a post up this morning about how media/Dem darling and presidential wannabe Senator Barrack Obama is overrated.

Outrage sparked over Michael J. Embryo ad at YouTube

Via Scrappleface:

(2006-10-25) — Claire McCaskill, the Democrat candidate for U.S. Senate from Missouri, expressed outrage today over a political ad produced in response to a TV commercial run by her campaign featuring actor Michael J. Fox, who has Parkinson’s Disease.

The response ad, entitled ‘Michael J. Embryo’, which quickly became one of the least-played videos on, features a still photo of an infant in the womb with a voiceover apparently recorded by the child himself.

Mrs. McCaskill said her use of a writhing and twitching Mr. Fox to highlight her support of expanded funding for embryonic stem cell research was “fair play”, and simply meant to show that incumbent Sen. Jim Talent “while talking about the importance of family ties, actually wants Alex P. Keaton to suffer and die.”

However, she said the Michael J. Embryo ad “absolutely crosses the line” by using a fetal actor to “stir up the irrational compassion of voters who should never be forced to think about the implications of stem cell research.”


Thanks to the brilliant Scott Ott for outshining us all when it comes to getting to the heart of the issue. Sometimes the best way to do so is by satire, and no one is better at it than Scott.

Update I – 9:28 AM: Dean Barnett takes another look at the absolute moral authority tactic Democrats routinely use against Republicans.

Update II – 9:32 AM: Yet another Democrat is painting another Republican’s position on stem cell research as one where if you don’t vote for the Democrat, people will die! This time, it’s Democrat Doris Kelley, who wants to get elected to the Iowa state house. Check out a screencap of the ad. Here’s the write-up on the controversy.


Update III – 9:51 AM: Brian at Iowa Voice has a must-read post that covers the controversy swirling about the stem cell research issue, the Fox ad, and what Democrats are trying to do. (Hat tip: ST reader PCD in the comments)

Update IV – 10:45 AM: Wow – check out this piece from Dr. Mary Davenport, described at American Thinker as “obstetrician and gynecologist, and a Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology.” She slams the Fox ads and the misinformation they – and Democrats – are using to try and sell stem cell research to the American people. (Hat tip: K-Lo)