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—- Boston Hearld editor Jules Crittenden writes a blistering editorial slamming the AP for its “shoddy” work on making sure the sources they get some of their scoops from on things happening in Iraq were reliable and actually in positions of authority to be able to provide accurate information. Here’s his blogpost on the AP source controversy in which he provides some additional commentary on SourceGate. Curt at Flopping Aces continues to be all over this story, and files his latest report here.

—- Are the Dems trying to steal an election in Florida? The Wall Street Journal investigates. (Hat tip: ST reader Sev)

—- Brian at Iowa Voice, who guest blogged for me last month for three days and did a fantastic job (as I knew he would) is holding a fundraiser at his blog. If you’re interesting in contributing, click here.

—- Publius Pundit has tons of photos from today’s elections in Venezuela, where it looks like the Bush-hating dictator Hugo Chavez has “won” re-election, according to government exit polls. The AP is reporting the following news about election coverage:

CARACAS, Venezuela — Officials identifying themselves as members of a state regulatory agency forced the U.S.-based Spanish-language TV network Telemundo to halt transmission Sunday of its presidential election coverage.

“We’re surprised by this,” said Pablo Iacub, a member of Telemundo’s eight-person team, which arrived last week. “We only want to do our work,” he said by telephone.

At least six people who identified themselves as members of the National Commission of Telecommunications (CONATEL), which regulates electronic media in Venezuela, arrived Sunday afternoon at the hotel from which Telemundo had been transmitting since Friday, said Iacub.

The officials said the network needed permission to transmit and lacking such could not, he said. Iacub said he was unaware of such a requirement but that the Telemundo journalists were accredited with Venezuela’s national elections council.

Hmmm …

—- Senators Lieberman and Hagel disagree on whether or not the Baker-Hamilton suggestion that we engage in “direct talks” with Iran and Syria in order to try and get them to “help” us regarding Iraq is a feasible one. Money quote from Lieberman:

Asking Iran and Syria to help us succeed in Iraq is like your local fire department asking a couple of arsonists to help put out the fire

—- Watch the video of former Prez Jimmy Carter being called a “racist” and “anti-Semite” on CSPAN’s BookTV earlier today.

Wreaths for our fallen soldiers

When you get a chance, make sure to read this touching story about Morrill Worcester of Worcester Wreath Co., who makes an annual trek every year in December from Harrington, Maine to Virginia to lay wreaths on the graves of our fallen soldiers at Arlington Cemetary. This year he’ll be accompanied by the Patriot Guard Riders, who have gained national attention this year as the patriotic group who has shielded military funerals from the despicable protests of the “Rev.” Fred Phelps and his congregation of haters.

Worcester’s project has become very popular. From the WaPo aticle:

This year, the interest in Worcester’s project has exploded to the point that he had to find some way to extend the tribute, so he has launched Wreaths Across America, a Web site that coordinates similar rituals at more than 200 military cemeteries around the country.

“Rest easy, sleep well my brothers. Know the line has held, your job is done. Rest easy, sleep well …”

Video of past wreath laying ceremonies:

Additional info on Worcester’s annual trek can be found at Snopes.

Hats off to Mr. Worcester, who is a shining example of a true American patriot. May God bless him, and every one of the fallen soldiers he honors at Arlington.

Read more via Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive, Gaius at Blue Crab Boulevard, Marshall Manson at RedState

The Rummy memo

Since I’m behind on blogging, in the interest of time I’m going to link to Allah’s link-rich post on the topic of the leaked Rummy memo, which supposedly was submitted to the administration two days before he announced he was going to resign. In a nutshell, Rummy said in the memo that we needed a new strategy in Iraq, because things weren’t going well.

Check out Allah’s post on the issue, as he’s rounded up links to the speculation from other bloggers about who could have leaked the memo, as well as provides commentary on the actual contents of the memo.

Looking at this from a media bias angle, with the leak of this memo, I’m betting that the MSM, who could barely stand the sight of Rummy and – IMO – wanted him out as much as the Democrats did, will now portray Rummy as someone who was “forced out” of the admin because he “disageed with the admin line on Iraq” because the memo indicates he was on board with making changes to the strategy in Iraq, something the MSM has been in effect pushing through its op/ed pages for quite some time now.

Update: Speaking of changes in Iraq, the NYT is quoting the national security adviser Stephen J. Hadley as saying that the admin is planning “significant changes” for Iraq. Read more here.

Hillary advisor says the Senator is actively considering a 2008 run for president

Senator Evan Bayh (D-IN) has set up an exploratory committee but the big news of the day on the 2008 presidential candidate front is the announcement from a top adviser to Senator Clinton who confirmed that the Senator actively putting out feelers for a potential presidential bid:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Democratic jockeying for the White House in 2008 intensified on Sunday with Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh taking the first official step toward a run and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton gauging support among fellow New York lawmakers.

Bayh said he would set up an exploratory committee to raise money and help assess his prospects. He plans to decide over the upcoming holidays whether to seek the Democratic nomination and announce his decision early next year.

“I’m distressed about the direction we’re going in. We are a great nation with great opportunity. But we’re not fulfilling our potential today,” said Bayh, who planned appearances Monday in Iowa and next weekend in New Hampshire, two early states on the campaign calendar.

“We need someone who can deal with the dysfunction here in this city so that our government begins to empower our people to fulfill their potential. That’s not happening. Someone who can unite Americans in a politics of common purpose,” Bayh said. “If I can be that individual, so be it. That’s what I’ll be considering over the next several weeks.”

Clinton, who easily won re-election to a second term on Nov. 7, “is reaching out to her colleagues in the New York delegation and asking for their advice and counsel and their support if she decides to make a run,” a top adviser, Howard Wolfson, told The Associated Press.

He noted that Clinton had said she would begin actively considering a run after the election. “That process has begun,” Wolfson said. He said he did not know when she might make a decision or set up an exploratory committee.

My thoughts? She’s gonna run.

Navy won’t commission warship in San Francisco

Thanks to SF’s well documented intolerant anti-military stance, the US Navy has said it will not commission a warship, named “Makin Island”, on the left coast’s most far left city. Via the SF Chronicle (h/t Michelle Malkin):

Secretary of the Navy Donald C. Winter vetoed plans to commission the Makin Island, the Navy’s newest and most powerful warship, in San Francisco in 2008 because of a perception that the city is anti-military.

Retired Marine Corps Maj. Gen. J. Michael Myatt, chairman of a high-powered committee that was to support a commissioning ceremony for the Makin Island, said he has been informed that the ship would not be commissioned in San Francisco, as scheduled, but in San Diego.

Myatt said he had been told that the Navy was concerned about San Francisco’s refusal to provide a homeport for the retired battleship Iowa, which would be turned into a museum, and for the city school board’s decision to abolish junior ROTC training in San Francisco high schools.

One of the factors that turned the Pentagon against San Francisco, he said, was widely quoted anti-military remarks made by various city politicians. Some of the remarks got considerable attention, especially ones made by Gerardo Sandoval, a member of the Board of Supervisors, who was quoted on national television as saying national defense should be left to “the cops and the Coast Guard.”

Myatt said the Navy had mistaken the views of some political leaders for the views of the majority of citizens in the Bay Area. “There are lots of veterans living here,” he said. “One in every nine members of the military now serving come from California. These people in Washington don’t understand.

Here’s a refresher for Myatt, and anyone else who claims the “people in Washington don’t understand” SF’s views on the military:

Anymore questions?

BTW, here’s the Makin Island warship. She’s a beauty.

Learn more about the USS Makin Island here.

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