Misc. Sunday linkage

Some stories/blog posts you may be interested in perusing:

—- Boston Hearld editor Jules Crittenden writes a blistering editorial slamming the AP for its “shoddy” work on making sure the sources they get some of their scoops from on things happening in Iraq were reliable and actually in positions of authority to be able to provide accurate information. Here’s his blogpost on the AP source controversy in which he provides some additional commentary on SourceGate. Curt at Flopping Aces continues to be all over this story, and files his latest report here.

—- Are the Dems trying to steal an election in Florida? The Wall Street Journal investigates. (Hat tip: ST reader Sev)

—- Brian at Iowa Voice, who guest blogged for me last month for three days and did a fantastic job (as I knew he would) is holding a fundraiser at his blog. If you’re interesting in contributing, click here.

—- Publius Pundit has tons of photos from today’s elections in Venezuela, where it looks like the Bush-hating dictator Hugo Chavez has “won” re-election, according to government exit polls. The AP is reporting the following news about election coverage:

CARACAS, Venezuela β€” Officials identifying themselves as members of a state regulatory agency forced the U.S.-based Spanish-language TV network Telemundo to halt transmission Sunday of its presidential election coverage.

“We’re surprised by this,” said Pablo Iacub, a member of Telemundo’s eight-person team, which arrived last week. “We only want to do our work,” he said by telephone.

At least six people who identified themselves as members of the National Commission of Telecommunications (CONATEL), which regulates electronic media in Venezuela, arrived Sunday afternoon at the hotel from which Telemundo had been transmitting since Friday, said Iacub.

The officials said the network needed permission to transmit and lacking such could not, he said. Iacub said he was unaware of such a requirement but that the Telemundo journalists were accredited with Venezuela’s national elections council.

Hmmm …

—- Senators Lieberman and Hagel disagree on whether or not the Baker-Hamilton suggestion that we engage in “direct talks” with Iran and Syria in order to try and get them to “help” us regarding Iraq is a feasible one. Money quote from Lieberman:

Asking Iran and Syria to help us succeed in Iraq is like your local fire department asking a couple of arsonists to help put out the fire

—- Watch the video of former Prez Jimmy Carter being called a “racist” and “anti-Semite” on CSPAN’s BookTV earlier today.