The Rummy memo

Since I’m behind on blogging, in the interest of time I’m going to link to Allah’s link-rich post on the topic of the leaked Rummy memo, which supposedly was submitted to the administration two days before he announced he was going to resign. In a nutshell, Rummy said in the memo that we needed a new strategy in Iraq, because things weren’t going well.

Check out Allah’s post on the issue, as he’s rounded up links to the speculation from other bloggers about who could have leaked the memo, as well as provides commentary on the actual contents of the memo.

Looking at this from a media bias angle, with the leak of this memo, I’m betting that the MSM, who could barely stand the sight of Rummy and – IMO – wanted him out as much as the Democrats did, will now portray Rummy as someone who was “forced out” of the admin because he “disageed with the admin line on Iraq” because the memo indicates he was on board with making changes to the strategy in Iraq, something the MSM has been in effect pushing through its op/ed pages for quite some time now.

Update: Speaking of changes in Iraq, the NYT is quoting the national security adviser Stephen J. Hadley as saying that the admin is planning “significant changes” for Iraq. Read more here.