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It’s all about the priorities, ya know

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Kit Jarrell at Euphoric Reality blogs about what posts have gotten the most attention at her blog recently. Between her post on the six imams controversy and photos of Britney Spears taken in the last couple of weeks that show, well, alot more than we want to know about Brit, which do you think got […]


Allah Pundit receives one vote in NY Senate race – and other election news

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This is hilarious! Apparently, the one vote was from the ever-cool Karol from Alarming News. Had I been there, he woulda gotten another vote In other election news – and I should note that I’m a few days late in reporting this – Larry Kissell (D) conceded to Rep. Robin Hayes in NC’s District 8 […]


Senator Joe Biden visits South Carolina

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Possible Democratic presidential candidate and Senator Joe Biden was recently in South Carolina for a Rotary Club luncheon and wowed many in attendance. Betsy Newmark, however, read the recap of Biden’s appearance in SC and wasn’t impressed. Neither was I. Let’s just say he has a strange way of trying to appeal to Southerners …


Another liberal myth bites the dust?

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Clarice Feldman at the American Thinker links up to this report released from the United States Commission on Civil Rights that essentially states that there is “scant evidence” that diversity in elementary and secondary schools is beneficial to students. Specifically: WASHINGTON, D.C. — Less than one week before the U.S. Supreme Court hears oral argument[s] […]


Monday open thread

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Brrrrr! But pretty: Caption: Birds sit in deep snowdrifts at the Lake Shore drive in Chicago, Friday, Dec. 1. 2006. The season’s first big snowstorm blustered across the Midwest early Friday, leaving millions without electricity, stranding airline passengers and closing schools and businesses. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)


John Bolton resigns

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Story here. I think he’s one of the greatest UN ambassadors we’ve ever had. He will be missed, not by the people who think we should play nice with evil, but by the people who believe evil should be called for what it is. Here’s Bush’s statement on Bolton’s resignation: It is with deep regret […]


My prior post on Dennis Prager’s column: re: Keith Ellison swearing his oath of office on the Koran

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In the post I wrote back on November 28th about Dennis Prager’s explosive column about Keith Ellison swearing on the Koran has gotten, I wish I’d have taken more time to write out my thoughts on the idea of someone – whether it be Ellison or anyone else who wants to – swearing on the […]


Just when you thought you’d seen it all

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Introducing Christmas “pornaments“: Several new holiday decorations considered X-rated are being sold in Florida at a store popular with young children, according to a report. Six controversial ornaments, which can be purchased for $9 at Spencer’s stores in Jacksonville and other parts of Florida, include an X-rated snowman and reindeer. A television station reported that […]