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December 20, 2006

On criticism of the media and blogs

There’s a lot of talk on both sides of the aisle today about Wall Street Journal assistant editorial features editor Joseph Rago’s piece on the demise of the media and rise of the blogosphere and National Review editor Rich Lowry’s surprising piece in which he defends the MSM, saying that they’re not always wrong. The consensus seems to be (at least on the right hand side of the aisle) that Rago’s full of himself and Lowry’s lost it. .....   [Read More]

Wednesday Open thread

There’s nothing like Christmas music from the Carpenters to help mellow you out after having a trying day (as I’ve had). The audio track on this is a little different than the one you usually hear on the radio – I found that version at YouTube, but the sound quality on it wasn’t very good. You can hear Karen’s voice and the music very clearly on this one. Enjoy.

.....   [Read More]

Victor Davis Hanson on presidential candidates and ‘diplomacy’

I missed this one when it was first posted a couple of days ago, but VDH smacks down wannabe-foreign-policy-diplomat-types like Senator Kerry and NM Governor Richardson who have made it a point to meddle in US foreign policy by having talks with and/or visiting countries hostile to what the US, visits and talks that could undermine US policy towards those countries:.....   [Read More]