Tuesday open thread

Since I was off all last week from the 8-5, I’m swamped today upon my return. Hope to be able to check back in sometime this afternoon. If not, then tonight definitely.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday open thread

  1. Looks like Nifong got his wish and was sworn into office in a private ceremony today.

    The embattled prosecutor pursuing the Duke University lacrosse sexual assault case was sworn in to office Tuesday in a private courthouse ceremony.

    Reporters weren’t allowed to view the ceremony for District Attorney Mike Nifong and were barred from the building until 8:30 a.m., when it officially opened. Durham County Sheriff Worth Hill confirmed the ceremony had taken place.


    These players lives ruined, their reputations and dignity shattered and drawn through the mud….

    A small price to pay so Nifong can get himself elected, at least in his eyes.

    I wonder, if the charges for disbarment that are being brought against him will open the door for civil suits, if not federal crimes against him?

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