Friday open thread

Posted by: ST on January 5, 2007 at 3:36 pm

Have at it, ya’ll :)

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  1. Great White Rat says:

    What could be so important to an 84-year old man that he says “What have I got to do with my life that will mean more?”

    The answer’s in this story. It’s a little bit dated – it first appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer on Christmas Eve – but it’s still well worth reading.

    Read it all. You’ll like it. I promise.

  2. Great White Rat says:

    Maybe NC Cop can give us a professional opinion on this question: if a person fails two breathalyzer tests and four sobriety test, do you think you have a fairly strong case for a DUI conviction?

    Usually, I’d guess the answer is yes. But not if you’re in Massachusetts. And happen to be a friend of Hillary Clinton.

    One of her pals was pulled over for erratic driving, at one point swerving all over an interstate highway. But the case has been thrown out at the request of the DA.

    Some of the information from the state police report is here.

    The full article from the Boston Herald is

  3. NC Cop says:

    I read that article, GWR and it sounds like crap to me. Any professional police department has access to the paperwork that proves the accuracy of those machines. You have to have it for ANY DWI case, much less a friend of Hillary’s. Perhaps the new ethical Congress will look into it!!!! =))

    By the way, did anybody see Lieberman sitting with McCain suppporting the troop increase in Iraq. Boy, are the Dems gonna lay into him, and it aint gonna be pretty!!!!!

  4. Great White Rat says:

    Also, this interview with the prosecutor in the case above is of interest, especially this:

    Walsh said breath-test results indicating Mrs. Magaziner was intoxicated would have been thrown out before trial because state police could not produce maintenance records on the breath-testing machine kept by the state Office of Alcohol Testing.

    Some records are missing?? Has Sandy Berger been in Massachusetts lately?

    I suppose driving while drunk and Democrat is not a big deal in MA. Ted Kennedy can tell you all about that.

  5. NC Cop says:

    Well, GWR, they probably figured since Hillary’s pal didn’t kill anyone, like Kennedy, it’s just a fine to pay and you’re on your way.

  6. Steve Skubinna says:

    Come on guys, this is just another example of John Edwards’ “Two Americas.” You have the portion that is accountable for their actions, and then you have Democrats.