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Reaction to the President’s speech

Posted by: ST on January 10, 2007 at 9:38 pm » 14 Comments

Here’s the speech – and the strategy. Thoughts? The troop surge is already underway. Fox News is reporting that Democratic leaders in the House and Senate have issued a joint statement saying they oppose the President’s plan. (Just found: Here’s the statement. Oh, and here’s Senator Lieberman’s response to the President’s plan, which should make […]


Playing games with the Iraq war: Democrats supported troop surge before they were against it

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I swear, just when you think the Democrats couldn’t get anymore pathetic, they outdo themselves. As you’ve already read and heard, the President’s speech tonight will outline a new course for Iraq, which will include what’s being commonly referred to as a troop ‘surge.’ The President wants to send 21,500 additional troops to Iraq as […]


Bush’s speech this evening

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Fox News has a preview of some of the things the President will be addressing in tonight’s speech. Here’s a sneak peek: WASHINGTON — President George W. Bush will tell the nation Wednesday night that he should have sent more troops to Iraq to fight the war during the earlier stages of the nearly four-year […]


Dems determined to repeat ‘nam defeat with a defeat in Iraq

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Gateway Pundit slams home a point I’ve had floating around in my mind the last several weeks (but haven’t articulated) with his post titled “How Democrats Lost Vietnam… And, How They Plan On Losing Iraq“. Cox and Forkum say it another way: On the issue of opposing additional troops and trying to show it by […]


Senator Ted Kennedy calls for ‘universal’ healthcare coverage

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He wants America to follow Massachusetts on requiring healthcare for all: WASHINGTON — The federal government should join the state of Massachusetts in enacting universal health coverage, said Sen. Edward Kennedy, the new chairman of the Senate committee with jurisdiction over numerous health issues. Kennedy’s home state is the first to require everyone to have […]


Wednesday open thread

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Just thought about the fact that I haven’t started one of these in a few days, so here ya go. BTW, ever seen a 22 ft snowman before? No? You have now: Caption: A group of people look at the 22-foot snowman, Snowzilla in Anchorage, Alaska, Friday, Jan. 5, 2007. Snowzilla may be a smash […]


On Kerry, Kennedy, and last but not least, Bush’s speech

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What he said.