Wednesday open thread

Posted by: ST on January 10, 2007 at 12:07 pm

Just thought about the fact that I haven’t started one of these in a few days, so here ya go.

BTW, ever seen a 22 ft snowman before? No? You have now:

Caption: A group of people look at the 22-foot snowman, Snowzilla in Anchorage, Alaska, Friday, Jan. 5, 2007. Snowzilla may be a smash hit with shutterbugs, but some neighbors of the two-story high snowman say they’re fed up with the hordes of gawkers clogging up the Street. (AP Photo/Al Grillo)

Here’s the story about it: Alaska snowman has some neighbors fuming

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8 Responses to “Wednesday open thread”


  1. Don Surber says:

    “They just stand out there, in the middle of road, talking about a snowman.”

    Could be worse. Could be a leg lamp in a window …

  2. Baklava says:

    Could be a spider web with the words “humble”, “terrific”, or “some pig” in it.

  3. sanity says:

    It could be a Nancy Pelosi cut out with her flexing her “muscle” as we saw on the Caption this earlier…


  4. sanity says:

    Don’t sing the Star Spangled Banner in San Francisco or you might get attacked….

    How’s this for an only-in-San Francisco story:

    Members of the Baker’s Dozen, the renowned, all-male a cappella singing group from Yale, are pummeled outside a New Year’s Eve party after singing “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

    The attackers allegedly include graduates from Sacred Heart Cathedral, one of the city’s oldest and best-known private schools.

    The attack happens outside the home of two prominent San Francisco police officers — former mayoral bodyguard Reno Rapagnani, now retired, and his wife, Leanna Dawydiak — who were both accused and later cleared of leaking internal SFPD personnel documents during the Fajitagate debacle.

    As if that weren’t enough, the dean of Yale College has weighed in, as has one of the victim’s fathers, Sharyar Aziz — a prominent New York banker whose son’s jaw was busted in two places. He has not only called the mayor’s office and police chief — he’s also retained the law firm Gonzalez (as in former mayoral candidate Matt Gonzalez) and Leigh to keep the heat on the cops and make sure “the individuals behind this heinous assault (are) apprehended.”


    Sharyar Aziz Jr. was taken by paramedics to San Francisco General Hospital, and later had to undergo reconstructive surgery in New York for a broken jaw that will remain wired shut for eight weeks.

    Another unidentified Yale student sought treatment for a concussion, and a third for a swollen ankle and other abrasions.


    Yeah, those A Cappella Yale kids were really asking for it. How dare they sing something so terrible in San Fran…

    Mrs Pelosi would you care to comment?

  5. sanity says:

    Additional photos and video of the “event”:


  6. sanity says:

    Kids kicked off school bus for speaking ENGLISH in America…heaven forbid:

    Imagine sending your kids off to school, but when they get to the bus they are told they can’t get on because they speak English.

    That’s right, English.

    It happened to a few children in St. Paul and now the school district is apologizing.

    Rachel Armstrong sent her kids to pick up the bus as usual Monday, but after the driver let the kids on, he told them he would not pick them up again. He even said he wouldn’t take them home that afternoon.

    Armstrong left work early Tuesday, forced to pick up her kids from Phalen Lake Elementary School.

    Her twin girls, 10, and her son, 8, were kicked off their regular school bus. They were told by the bus driver the route is for non-English speaking students only.

    “I was furious. I was at work and I was just mad.” Armstrong said. “I felt like we were being discriminated because we speak English. Just because they speak English, they can’t ride the school bus. I mean, this is America, right?”

    Read the rest of the story Here.

    Good question…this is America, right?

  7. sanity says:

    Now to be fair, it seems that district had separated the different cultures or language students into 3 different busses to keep them together, but doesn’t make any sense why an english speaking student can’t rise the same bus going to the same school?

    Also, I thought segregation was a thing of the past.

    What would happen if we decided to bus blacks only, no whites alllowed on the bus.

    or vice versa, white kids only, no blacks allowed, or only Asian children allowed, ect?

    How is Language different than race?

    It does note though:

    The district also discovered the Armstrongs no longer live in the Phalen Lake School boundary because they moved last year.

    So even though the district apologized, if they want to still go to Phalen, they are going to have to get their own ride.

    That the family did move out of the district of phalen but were still sending their kids there…

    But it doesn’t make much sense, since the bus must have gone to a bus stop nearby or stopped at that house to pick up the kids, and if the bus runs where they live, how is it that they cannot ride the bus to the phalen school where the bus is going?

    The bus goes by their house but they are going to have to find other means to get their children to the school? Why? because hte bus is for only the non-english speaking Hmong children only?

    It really doesn’t answer those questions though…..