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January 22, 2007

Those “destroyed Sunni mosques” were not destroyed afterall

Michelle Malkin has a report in the New York Post where she talks about some of the things she saw while in Iraq, like those Sunni mosques that are still standing, contrary to reports last November from the much-discussed AP source “Capt. Jamil Hussein” that the mosques were “destroyed” which, as she correctly points out, cast doubt on other stories where Hussein was used as a source. Though we do now know that he does in fact exist, his credibilty is still in question. .....   [Read More]

More on the MSM’s anti-conservative bias re: Republican presidential candidates

I blogged Saturday about the blatant anti-conservative bias the Associated Press displayed this weekend over Senator Sam Brownback’s announcement that he was running for president versus Senator Clinton’s. Hillary’s announcement was reported in glowing terms (still happening today), whereas Brownback’s was treated as though he’d just declared he was joining up with Al Qaeda......   [Read More]