Another admission of liberal media bias

From CBS News business correspondent Anthony Mason, who believes the media treats stories about big business from an ‘us versus them’ perspective, and also thinks the “traditional media tends to skew more liberal.”

Read about it here.

Via Ken Shepherd at Newsbusters.

2 thoughts on “Another admission of liberal media bias

  1. The media? Biased against Big Business? A liberal slant? Well, color me shocked and surprised! ;)

    What’s particularly ironic is that the liberal MSM has this anti-business bias when the media is definitely “Big Business” with two capital B’s. It’s kind of like an arms manufacturer being a rabid anti-war nutroot, the irony is amazing, as is the hypocrisy.

    Also note that while the Big Business MSM has a decided anti-business bias, as ironic as that is, they also have a huge anti-blogger/new media bias. So, they are big business who hate not only other big businesses but the small, independent news providers in the new media. What hypocrisy.

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