Tonight’s “24”

I got so wrapped up in some other things this evening that I forgot to watch “24” – anyone care to provide a recap for me in the comments?

For those of you who taped it or TiVo’d it but haven’t seen it yet, if you don’t want to know what happened before you watch it, please don’t read the comments until after you have :)

Monday open thread

Been a long, long day. Is it Friday yet?

Caption: A Pacific Ocean sunset is seen from Silver Strand State Beach on Coronado island in San Diego on Friday, Jan. 19, 2007.
(AP Photo/Dr. Scott M. Lieberman)

Air America “rescued”

It might be rescued financially, but otherwise the people on AAR still need serious help.

I’m sure this latest news will be spun as a ‘success’ story for AAR, too. LOL.

Also, the HuffPo is also reporting that Al ‘I’ll tackle rightie protesters for free’ Franken will be leaving AAR in a few weeks to explore a possible Senate run. Let’s hope his run for Senate is no more ‘successful’ than AAR has been over the years, which is to say, not much.

Hat tip: Byron York


What we’ve all been wondering

John Fund asks: Why isn’t the Sandy Berger scandal major news? And not just from a perspective of him taking classified documents and stuffing them in his pants and stashing some of them under a construction trailer, but why he did it. What was he trying to hide and why? Fund speculates on the answers – and says Congress and America deserves to know them.


Lieberman not ruling out backing the ’08 Republican nominee

Good for him. Via AP:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman, the Democratic vice-presidential nominee in 2000 who won re-election as an independent last year, says he is open to supporting any party’s White House nominee in 2008.


“So I’m open to supporting a Democrat, Republican or even an Independent, if there’s a strong one. Stay tuned,” said the three-term lawmaker who caucuses with Senate Democrats.

Lieberman is an ally of GOP Sen. John McCain of Arizona, a 2008 hopeful, and supports President Bush’s new Iraq strategy. Lieberman won re-election as an independent last fall when Democrats backed an anti-war candidate who won the party primary.

Speaking of which politician he may support in 2008, Lieberman said, “Obviously, the positions that some candidates have taken in Iraq troubles me. Obviously, I will be looking at what positions they take in the larger war against Islamist terrorism.”

He added, “I am genuinely an independent. I agree more often than not with Democrats on domestic policy. I agree more often than not with Republicans on foreign and defense policy.”

The senator said he wanted to select someone “I believe is best for the future of our country. … Party is important, but more important is the national interest. And that’s the basis that I will decide whom to support for president.”

Methinks he’ll be voting for the Republican, if that’s the case ;)

Hat tip: Jeanette at Hang Right Politics

‘Peaceful’ anti-war protesters spray paint Capitol steps

The Hill reports on a disgusting incident that happened at the anti-Iraq war protests this past weekend:

Anti-war protesters were allowed to spray paint on part of the west front steps of the United States Capitol building after police were ordered to break their security line by their leadership, two sources told The Hill.

According to the sources, police officers were livid when they were told to fall back by U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) Chief Phillip Morse and Deputy Chief Daniel Nichols. “They were the commanders on the scene,” one source said,who requested anonymity. “It was disgusting.”

After police ceded the stairs, located on the lower west front of the Capitol, the building was locked down, the source added.

A second source who witnessed the incident said that the police had the crowd stopped at Third Street, but were told to bring the police line in front of the Capitol.

Why were they ‘allowed’ to do this?

[Morse] added, “It is the USCP’s duty and responsibility to protectthe Capitol complex, staff and public while allowing the public to exercise their First Amendment rights … at the end of the day, both occurred without injury to protestors or officers.”

Spray painting the Capitol steps is a Fist Amendment right? Oookay.

Also, there was at least one incident where an anti-war protester spat at an Iraq war veteran, who was counterprotesting the ‘peace march.’ Michelle Malkin has the details.

And as I’ve noted before, the far left doesn’t just literally spit on our troops – they symbolically do it, too.


Speaking of the war in Iraq, Speaker Pelosi back from her trip to Baghdad and now ‘believes more strongly that withdrawal will help region.’ The SF Chronicle has the full story.


PM Update: Check out more anti-war protest hijinks here. Disgusting.

Podcast with QandO

Sunday afternoon, I had the pleasure of joining the weekly QandO podcast, as done by Bruce McQuain and Dale Franks over at the QandO blog.

We talked about a number of issues, including the various in-the-works Senate resolutions which voice opposition to the President’s surge plan, the Republicans who are weak-kneed on the issue, political correctness and how it stifles honest and open debate on the issues, the Republican and Democrat contenders for president, and a few other issues. You can listen to the podcast by clicking here.