More media double standards at the NYT

Clay Waters reports on the tale of two NYT reporters who went on PBS’ Charlie Rose show (each on a different occasions) and expressed an opinion about the war in Iraq. The reporter who expressed that he wanted us to win in Iraq was publicly chastised after a complaint from a reader, whereas the reporter who expressed that we were “rushing bombs to this part of the world. And it just erodes and erodes and erodes America’s reputation” received no public rebuke.

Irked with blatantly obvious double standard? Let Byron Calame know what you think:

3 thoughts on “More media double standards at the NYT

  1. We-el, there are two Iraq reporters I trust: Gordon’s one, and the other’s Thomas Ricks of the Washington Post.

    Anyway, Mr. Taubman will not be doing much in the way of rebuking any longer. He’s been kicked upstairs and Dean Baquet, who resigned from the L.A. Times rather than make newsroom cuts, has been brought home by Executive Editor Bill Killer, who didn’t refuse to make newsroom cuts demanded by dumb as a post principal owner Arthur (“The Wonderful Guy Who Brought You Howell Raines”) Sulzberger.

    Romenesko has the whole thing:

    (3rd item down at this point in time)\


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