21 week old baby survives

Posted by: ST on February 19, 2007 at 9:40 pm

Update 2/22: Click here for an update to this wonderful story!


This is an amazing story:

MIAMI — Her name means resilient fighter and her doctors and nurses said she is more than that — Amillia Sonia Taylor is making history.

“To me it’s just a miracle,” a nurse on staff at Baptist Children’s Hospital said.

Amillia is the new world record holder for a baby to survive through gestational age, according to the University of Iowa’s national registry for the tiniest babies.

“We have a special baby here today because she was extremely premature at birth 21 weeks and 6 days,” said neonatologist Dr. William Smalling. “There is no known survivor born this early to ever go home and not only is the baby going home she is thriving and doing well. It’s a special day for us all here.”

Surrounded by the team at Baptist Children’s Hospital that has cared for her since her unexpected arrival, Amillia is now ready to go home. Doctors said they marvel at what the little girl has taught them.

“Well… I learned that we can work with babies this small,” Smalling said. “Previously it was thought to be technically impossible.”

“She showed us early on that she was a fighter and wanted to be here,” said Dr. Paul Fassbach, a neonatologist.

Amillia was born Oct. 24, 2006. She was the world’s fourth-smallest baby, weighing 284 grams (just under 10 ounces) when she was born. She was just 9.5 inches long — barely longer than a ballpoint pen.

“We’ve never even really resuscitated babies this small right,” Fassbach said. “Now, the recommendations for the American Academy of Pediatrics is that we can resuscitate babies that are 23 weeks or by birth weight over 400 grams. So, babies were considered non viable or too immature to survive outside the uterus if they were born earlier than that.”

Doctors said that at 23 weeks old, their survival rate is 30 percent. Now, after nearly four months at Baptist’s Children’s Hospital neonatal intensive care unit, baby Amillia will be going home healthy and thriving.


Amillia Taylor weighed just under 10oz and was only 91/2 inches long at birth

Ten ounces of determination: Amillia was little longer than this pen

Simply awesome!

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  • 14 Responses to “21 week old baby survives”


    1. Mwalimu Daudi says:

      Medical technology is truly a miracle.

      Not to drift off-topic, but we had our own minor medical miracle this past weekend. Last Friday our son came down with a high fever and breathing trouble. At the hospital he was diagnosed with pneumonia. A century ago he probably would not have survived. Today he recovering nicely, although he sleeps a lot more than usual. He did not even have to stay overnight, but was able to come home that afternoon after receiving antibiotics and breathing treatments.

      May God watch over Amilia – and our son.

    2. That is *wonderful* news, MD!

    3. Mwalimu Daudi says:

      Thanks, ST! Our story is nowhere nearly as amazing as that of Amilia, but it’s enough for us.

    4. I just read about this and want to post on it also. Amazing, and the earlier these babies can survive the weaker the pro-abortion argument becomes.

    5. Matt Brown says:

      I’ve linked to this story, too. :)

    6. Baklava says:

      Bob? Bob? (to the tune of Bueller? Bueller?)

      A neighbor 2 houses away from me has a miracle baby also named Luke. He was playing ball in my driveway with me today (he’s now 4). He had quite an ordeal being born though. I don’t know all the details. I only remember the parents using the phrase “million dollar baby”.

    7. sanity says:

      It’s a womans right ot her body, unless the woman is a girl under the age of consent, then I guess the parents and the court can take away that right and MAKE you get an abortion against your will……

      Judge sentences girl to abort baby
      13 year old had to abort because of a judge ruling

      An Italian judge ordered a 13 year old girl from Torino to abort her unborn child because her parents were opposed to the baby.

      Italian legislation states that a minor is not allowed to decide whether to abort or not and the ‘decision’ falls entirely on the guardians or parents.

      The shocking story was brought into light by Italian newspaper La Stampa in which the paper reports that the girl didn’t want to abort the baby but had to after the ruling. She then had to receive treatment after telling her parents she was going to attempt a suicide.

      The girl got pregnant by her 15 year old boyfriend but despite this she still wanted to keep the baby.

      However her parents were very angry and demanded an abortion. After the abortion the girl went into a frenzy and threatened she was going to kill herself.

      “The unborn baby is still a life and I defend life whatever the situation.” Severino Poletto, Archbishop of Torino told the paper.

      “Society must take of this child. I certainly oppose abortions but this case allows us to reflect on the situation. We have to take a step back and ask ourselves how this could have happened to a 13 year old girl.” he added.

      No, I think the question should be how can you let the courts take away the right of this girl to keep the baby, even if the parents oppose it.

      We hear the arguements about the “right” of a woman or even girls to abort a baby, but this is a cse where a girl was FORCED to have an abortion against her will.

      Where is the condemnation?
      Where the outrage?
      Where the anger?

      Media? Womens groups? NOW?


    8. sanity says:

      Oh, and as a side note to what I just posted….

      I hear so many say it is for the benefit and health of the mother…

      They just destroyed this girls life in forcing her to do this. Her beliefs, she knew she was pregnant and she knows you made her murder her child she wanted to keep.

      You tell me how this will end now….

      She then had to receive treatment after telling her parents she was going to attempt a suicide.


      After the abortion the girl went into a frenzy and threatened she was going to kill herself.

      But it was for the health of the mother…

      It was for her own good….

      Truly sickening.

      I guess what the parents want override what the pregnant girl wants…because it isn’t her body, its her parents and the courts can step in and make you kill your baby when you don’t want to?

      Do I have that about right?

    9. PCD says:

      Bak, I’d rather listen to chalk screeching on a black board than hear that riff by Ben Stein.

      Maybe that is what we should do to trolls and brain dead libs, have Ben Stein read the telephone book to them.

    10. Leslie says:

      Rock on Amelia!

      Wonderful story!


    11. Kimberly Jones says:

      I am so happy to read that this little one is going home and doing well. I am the mother of a lil one myself. My baby was born at 26 weeks and was 1 pound 13 ounces. I was so scared but three months later I bought home a 4 pound baby that nursed ALL THE TIME!!! She is now 5 and dong well.

    12. Severian says:

      Definitely changes ones opinion on the viability of the human fetus, when it becomes a “person” doesn’t it? Seems to me that it would be logically consistent to now place a limit that abortions past 21 weeks are illegal.

      Congrats on your 26 week daughter Kimberly, it’s nice to hear she’s doing well. I can’t imagine what you must have gone thru emotionally until you could get her home, you must have been on edge and worried sick for months.

      After reading things like this, how anyone can support partial birth late term abortion is totally beyond me… which is why, I suppose, the pro-abortion fanatics get so upset about anyone seeing in utero pictures of babies or when they hear about things like this, very premature babies surviving, it undercuts their position in a very emotional and striking way.

    13. Madmouser says:

      This is so amazing…How can anyone believe in abortion after this miracle? How can these people who support abortion keep on approving of this murderous act against God’s finest miracle? This precious little ‘Child of God’ may become the catalyst for a new fight against abortion. I pray that hearts will be changed and this baby enjoys a happy, healthy and long life, but most of all, I wish her love. :x