Gagworthy moment of the week: WaPo piece on “rock star” Al Gore (UPDATE: GORE & Co. WIN – VIDEO ADDED)

He’s been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. He was a “hot ticket” recently in Canada. CBS Early Show anchor Harry Smith wondered aloud a few weeks ago if Gore should be considered a “prophet.” And today, the WaPo posted an unnewsworthy piece on Al Gore – on the front page – that describes him as a “rock star.”

Could the mediots possibly slobber over this guy any more?

Well, yes, if he wins a Best Documentary Oscar tonight for “An Inconvenient Truth”, expect a statue to be erected in his honor somewhere close by the “gw doomsday vault” – scaling down his ego to fit might make building the statue there a problem, though.

Al Gore Photograph by Jeff Riedel/EW
Al Gore: Hero or zero?

For what it’s worth, here is a complete list of nominees (scroll) in the Best Documentary feature category, which reads like a left wing “must watch” list:

“Deliver Us from Evil” (Lionsgate)
A Disarming Films Production
Amy Berg and Frank Donner

“An Inconvenient Truth” (Paramount Classics and Participant Productions)
A Lawrence Bender/Laurie David Production
Davis Guggenheim

“Iraq in Fragments” (Typecast Releasing in association with HBO Documentary Films)
A Typecast Pictures/Daylight Factory Production
James Longley and John Sinno

“Jesus Camp” (Magnolia Pictures)
A Loki Films Production
Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady

“My Country, My Country” (Zeitgeist Films)
A Praxis Films Production
Laura Poitras and Jocelyn Glatzer

The pre-Oscar love fest has been joined by none other than Jimmy “give Hamas a chance” Carter. Watch him speak lovingly of Gore here.

Although he does have some competition from some other left wing ‘talent,’ I predict a Gore win, for the same reasons I believe the Chicks won 5 Grammy awards a few weeks ago. Because who votes on the winners? None other than the famously Nutrootian Hollyweird left. And it doesn’t get much more Nutrooty than Al Gore.

Hat tip: Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters

Update: Allah’s providing a running commentary of the Oscars here and notes that the “Goracle” adulation started early on.

Mon AM Update I: Here’s a shocker: Gore & co. win and the Gorgasms continue.

Former US vice president Al Gore (L) accepts the Oscar for Best Documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth”, during the 79th Academy Awards in Hollywood, California
(AFP/Gabriel Bouys)

Mon AM Update II: Here’s video of the ‘big moment’:

Introducing “Planned Parenthood Wireless” by Sprint

“The right choice that supports choice”? Via the Working Assets Wireless website:

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Make the right choice and sign up today. But choose soon – this offer is only good until March 31.

Jason at Texas Rainmaker writes:

Unfortunately, you’ll find terminating your service is harder than terminating your pregnancy.

Yeah, because no doubt they want you to keep your phone and service plan and will do everything they can to talk you into keeping it. Your baby? Optional.