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March 2007

Democrats are lying on timeline for Iraq war funding

streiff at Redstate has the must-read details of the latest Democrat lie regarding funding for our troops. The President has warned Democrats that if they don’t get him a ‘clean’ supplemental bill to sign by April 15th, that Congress will in effect be shortchanging the military and not giving them what they need to fight the war. Democrats, in turn, are saying that they have until the end of May to sort out the supplemental, which is complete horsecrap (to put it delicately), as strieff explains:.....   [Read More]

Remembering Jason Ray and a friend: Tomorrow, the sky really will be Carolina blue – and the flowers will all be Terrapin red

There’s an old saying here in North Carolina, especially amongst Tarheel fans, that God’s favorite college basketball team must be Carolina because He painted the sky “Carolina blue.” As a Duke Blue Devil fan – Carolina’s biggest rivals – I, and other Duke fans, usually laugh it off everytime I hear it......   [Read More]