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May 2007

Isn’t this just typical?

I, along with many other conservative bloggers and pundits, have written about the gruesome murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, a young white Tennessee couple who were brutalized, sodomized, murdered and ‘disposed’ of – in pieces – by five black thugs, and how if the situations had been reversed we’d have seen 24-7 wall to wall mediot coverage of these vicious crimes, due to the media’s obsession with ‘crimes against minorities – when committed by white people......   [Read More]

A techie fantasy come true: Top spammer nabbed on 35 counts

Ever wish you could just reach through the screen and get your hands on the spammers that send you so much junk email that you spend more time deleting it than you do actually reading legit emails? Well, today one of the top ten spammers in the world was arrested on 35 counts of “mail, wire and e-mail fraud; aggravated identify theft; and money laundering.” More, via CBS/AP:.....   [Read More]